Clergymen Atrocities

الأب مونس يشرح محاضرة الحبر الأعظم
محاضرة البابا وسوء التفاهم/الأب الدكتور يوسف مونس/20 أيلول

Release from the National American Coptic Assembly (NACA)
Save Our Christian daughters from the Islamic extremists‎ 20.09.06

Open Letter From Reporter News
redbul.gif (925 bytes) Open Letter to Father Seman Atallah, Superior for the Antonin Maronite Order from His two forgotten priests in the Syrian Jails; Albert Cherfan & Slieman Abu Khalil (A) 17.11.04

redbul.gif (925 bytes)What have you done to your diocese? By: Mona Hashim 25.12.01
redbul.gif (925 bytes)A hasty & unwise decision (Arabic). By: George Kenaan 24.12.01
redbul.gif (925 bytes)Sad Christmas for Montereal Maronites. By: Toni Elias (Arabic) 23.12.01
redbul.gif (925 bytes)The greedy devil ... Lebanese poem by: John Maklouf 14.12.01

redbul.gif (925 bytes)A Cry Of Despair from St-Maroun Parish -Montereal (English)10.12.01
redbul.gif (925 bytes)Stand up for Almighty God (English) 10.12.01
redbul.gif (925 bytes)From Beirut to Toronto (English)By: Nabil Dalle 6.12.01
redbul.gif (925 bytes)Montereal Maronite Bishop closes a Church & alienates 130 families (Arabic). By: Charbel Antoine 1/12/01

redbul.gif (925 bytes)
The evil Losefarous (Arabic). By: Charbel Maroun 1/12/2001
redbul.gif (925 bytes)
Querelle chez les maronites By: Mathieu Perreault from La Presse (Canada-Montreal) 25/11/2001
redbul.gif (925 bytes)The Lord. By: Canadian for 9.11.01
redbul.gif (925 bytes)Audio -Father Michel Rouhana accuses the Lebanese of being terrorists (English)
Was broadcated by the CBC on 17/9/2001

Click here to listen to the whole interview (audio-English)
redbul.gif (925 bytes)To read the English Written script (CLICK HERE)
redbul.gif (925 bytes)To read the Arabic translation (CLICK HERE)
redbul.gif (925 bytes)What does it mean to be Lebanese (English) By Zohrob Amer 29.9.01
redbul.gif (925 bytes)Sheik Bashir, forgive the Trojans (English) By: Elias Bejjani 19.9.01
redbul.gif (925 bytes)The 10452 km 2 Martyr (English) By: Elias Bejjani 14.9.01
redbul.gif (925 bytes)CLHRF (English) addressing atrocities inflicted in Toronto - Church case 30.9.01
redbul.gif (925 bytes)CLHRF (Arabic) addressing atrocities inflicted Toronto - Church case 30.9.01
redbul.gif (925 bytes)CLAO'S letter to the American people & administration (English) 28.9.01

redbul.gif (925 bytes)CLHRF (Arabic) addressing atrocities inflicted in Toronto - Church case 26.9.01
redbul.gif (925 bytes)LCCC,s letter to the US Secretary of State regarding terrorism (English) 21.9.01
redbul.gif (925 bytes)CLHRF (English) addressing Sheik Bashir's mass incident in Toronto-19.9.01
redbul.gif (925 bytes)Open letter from 5 organization in Canada & USA (English) 19.9.01
redbul.gif (925 bytes)CLHRF (Arabic) addressing Sheik Bashir's mass incident in Toronto-18.9.01
redbul.gif (925 bytes)CLHRF -Trojan clergymen -Release  (Arabic) 15.9.01
redbul.gif (925 bytes)Maronites in Montreal demonstrate against hegemony (Arabic) 5.8.01

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