Release from the National American Coptic Assembly (NACA)

Washington ‎‏9/20/200

Save Our Christian daughters from the Islamic extremists‎

‎ ‎The American Coptic Assembly calls for an immediate release of Mona Jeccob Keriaco, ‎a Catholic Christian, from the custody of the Islamic fundamental groups. Mona Keriaco ‎was abducted by Muslim extremists on August ‎‏17‏‎ ‎‏2006‏‎. Ms. Keriaco is ‎‏23‏‎ years old who ‎works as a teacher in a school in the Governorate of Fayom, North West of Cairo, Egypt. ‎After two weeks of her abduction, she appeared with Kalid Taha Omaran, ‎‏40‏‎ years old, ‎one of the members of Al Jama El Slamia (Muslim extremist group) in the governorate of ‎Fayoum. Kalid Omaran claimed that he has married Mona Kerico (an Aourfy ‎marriage) secretly without her family approval. In an interview at the Egyptian TV that ‎took place on September ‎‏1‏‎, ‎‏2006‏‎, Mona Kerico appeared completely drugged and was ‎coerced to say that she is currently married to Omarran. Subsequent to this TV Interview, ‎Mona Keriaco’s family members along with members of clergy at the Catholic Church ‎requested from the Egyptian police to meet her. Their numerous requests were denied by ‎Officer Ahmed abd El twaab, the head of the criminal investigation unit in the ‎Governorate of Fayoum. Officer Abd El Twaab even threatened to detain Ms. Keriaco’s ‎family if they kept requesting to meet their abducted daughter and ask about the reason ‎behind her disappearance. ‎

‎According to Mona’s sister, Mona Kericao was engaged to a Christian Youngman and ‎was supposed to get married on September ‎‏7‏th. Accordingly, The Assembly is calling ‎for an immediate investigation about this case of abduction and Officer Abd El twaab’s ‎unfair treatment to Mona Keriaco’s family members ‎
‎Also, The Assembly is asking all the human rights organizations to force the Egyptian ‎government to take the responsibility to return the abducted girl to her family. ‎
Mr. Morris Sadek-ESQ President