The 10452 km 2 Martyr
By: Elias Bejjani

On the Ascension Day, September 14, 1982, Almighty God raised to heaven Lebanon's young historic Leader, Sheik Bashir Jemayel. He was raised on Almighty God's holy cross, although Lebanon and its people are still in need of him. Since that day, the country of the cedars has been encountering unrest, agony, pain and hard time on all levels.

Our beloved leader, since the day you left us, we have been commemorating the sad event annually. We renew loudly and openly our pledge and promise to witness for the truth and to fight evil regardless of the consequences in our quest for freedom.

While commemorating the event, we examine our conscience thoroughly and review our deeds. We practice self-judgement to decide if we are actually still your followers. We assess our eligibility to carry Lebanon's 10452-km 2 cross and its torch of history and civilization.

During this annual symbolic event, we contemplate numerous scenes from the near past and the present. Some are heroic and make us proud, while others are treacherous and humiliating. Many of our people, including a number who were assuming resistance positions in 1982, are currently carrying the sword of treason and shamelessly work for their Syrian occupier. Crime has become the norm, criteria for patriotism have been confused, and traitors become Presidents, PM's, MP's and dignitaries.

Criminals are appointed as judges, prostitutes preach honor and collaborators give lectures on nationalism. The bizarre occupational current-imposed status quo is portrayed by a popular Lebanese proverb that says: "In the bad days the female goat jumps on the Billy-goat and not vice versa". This shameful status is much worse and more humiliating than in the Ottmani era during which one third of the Lebanese Mountain population died from starvation. In occupied Lebanon, robbery is currently tagged as heroism, drug trafficking as smartness, treason as an art for encountering reality, dignity as sickness, witnessing for truth and pride as stupidity and defending the nation's identity, and history as a crime and a defaming act.

Our beloved leader, if Almighty God, who revived Lazarus from the grave sends you back to Lebanon you would not be pleased to see what has happened there. You would take your sword and behead many Trojans who have betrayed you and the Lebanese cause. Most of these Trojans were tagged as nationalists and have assumed high-ranking responsibilities during your reign. These Trojans have deceived you and hoodwinked the people of Lebanon who trusted them. They are selling their conscience and Lebanon's cause. They are selling the nation's dignity, assuming the role of a mob for the occupier and its local puppets, and cajoling Lebanon's enemies. They are lying, cheating and committing every sin and atrocity.

They are kissing the occupier's hand that stabbed our identity, slaughtered our sovereignty, displaced our people and confiscated our independence. They are licking the occupier's boot who defiled our holy soil, seized our national decision making process, murdered, jailed and sent in exile our patriotic leaders. They are persecuting and intimidating the loyal citizens. These Trojans are acting like rubber stamps for a puppet regime that has destroyed our economy and mortgaged the future of our children with debts that exceed 30 billion dollars.

The country is governed by a regime that has granted haphazardly our citizenship to thieves, drug traffickers, criminals and foreigners who have never laid a foot in the Land of Cedars. Lebanon’s Syrian appointed officials have betrayed Lebanon's Diaspora and deprived its members from their sacred right in the citizenship of their fathers and grandfathers. They are cajoling a puppet regime that had tagged criminals as victims and victims as criminals. A regime that has charged and imprisoned patriots who defended the nation's land and protected their families and property. A regime that has defiled every Lebanese sacrament and accepted the status of slavery.

In 1982 the Pharisees, subscribers to betrayal, and Trojans deluded their own sick minds by killing you, president elect Sheik Bashir Jemayel. By killing you they dreamed the Lebanese cause would die, Lebanon's distinguishable identity would be destroyed, the quest for liberation would be wiped out and the deeply rooted 6000 years of civilization would be eliminated. They were disappointed and the Lebanese people became more patriotic. Sheik Bashir, you are still alive in our hearts, conscience and minds.
You are still our dream for liberation and freedom.
You are still our symbol of integrity, benevolence, patriotism and dignity.
You are still our role model in struggle and resistance.

Sheik Bashir we do not fear those who can kill the body because that all they can do.
Sheik Bashir those who killed your body have failed to kill your patriotic doctrine or teachings that you have ingrained and cultivated in the hearts and souls of the Lebanese.

Our beloved Leader every and each Lebanese who believes in the 10452 km 2 concept is you, is the dream, is the hope and the future. Our beloved leader, 19 years after your departure, your name still makes Lebanon's enemies shake and tremble out of fear, and will remain the sword that cuts off their heads.

Our beloved leader, by God's will, your people will be victorious and your holy country will be liberated. Our beloved leader, we promise to fulfill your dream that has become the dream for every patriotic Lebanese. Our beloved leader, Lebanon's enemies will be defeated and the fate of the occupiers who are currently defiling its heavenly blessed soil will be forced to leave with humiliation, disgrace and shame.

Our beloved leader, you will never die, you are and shall remain alive in the soul, mind and conscience of every Lebanese till the Day of the Lord.

Long Live the 10452-km 2 Lebanon.