Dear Lebanese patriots all over the world
This is a verbatim script for what Father Michel Rouhana (pastor of the Our Lady of Lebanon Maronite Church in Toronto - Canada said in an interview last week with the CBC radio station

“Although I have been in Canada only for 14 months, I have noticed on my arrival that Canada is giving too much visas and hosting too much people without too much security or a security system. I can underline that terrorism or activity is a state of mind psychologically in many people. When they host persons coming from guerrillas, armies, from terrorist groups without checking and without making them pass by a psychological test to know that their brain is completely changed not only identity. They can be like bombs with in the community. They are ready to do any thing for some dollars for the yeast to kill and the yeast to bomb cars. They are experts in these things.

We have a member of the Lebanese here who came here who are experts in bombarding, mining, terrorism, killing and any thing of these things, and to show it in their character they are ready to attack their church some times. They attack the priest if he does not do what they like because they have been brainwashed to reach what they want at any price”.