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Regarding: Terrorism and the Syrian connection

Open letter to the USA Secretary of State  Mr. Colin L. Powell:

Dear Mr. Powell
Please accept this provisional Summary of the most serious plans of terror perpetrated abroad where Syria was directly involved with the help of its proxies in many countries. This summary includes terror plans outside Syria’s border, against the free world, which were carried out continuously and systematically. This summary is based on the Army spokesman’s publication Information Branch March 1986.

Eighteen years of Terror abroad from 1968 until 1986.

Syria’s attacks against the world.
30-8-73. Beirut: Two people from “Sa’iqa organization, were arrested at Beirut Airport with explosives in their possession. Their intention was to retreat to
Bratislava in Czechoslovakia, in order to reach the Austria-Czech border and attack the train carrying Jews from the Soviet Union. The terrorists were
released after a few days.

28.9-73. Austria:  Terrorist from “Sa’iqa organization took control of a train of immigrants from the Soviet Union, at the Austrian border.  The terrorists
took three Jewish hostages, in return for the hostages release; the Austrian declared that they would close the transit camp for new immigrants.  The Sa’iqa
terrorists were given a plane to Libya.  The operation was carried out under the code name:  The Revolution’s Eagles. The Sa’iqa commander at that time Zuhir
Mohsan, declared in 1975, that the operation was intended as a diversion for the “ Yom Kippur War”.

5-9-75. Holland:  Four terrorists from Sa’iqa, who held Syrian passports, were arrested in Amsterdam, their intention was to take 12 train passengers as
hostages in order to pressure Holland to stop assisting the Jewish immigrants, the terrorist received a sentence of one year.  It is possible that the operation was carried out against the background of the Interim Agreement between Israel and Egypt (September 1st), which Syria was against.
27-3-79. France:  A bomb exploded in a Jewish restaurant in Paris, 26 people were injured.  The attack was carried out by Sa’iqa organization based in Syria.

27-3-79. France:  An explosion occurred in a Jewish cosmetics shop in Paris, attack was carried out by Syrian base Sa’iqa organization.

5-4-79.  Cyprus:  A bomb exploded in the Israeli Consulate building in Nicosia.The attack was carried out by the Eagle of the Revolution Sa’iqa; based in

7-4-79. France:  The French government dismantled a time bomb, which was hidden in a Bag on a motorcycle outside a cinema in Paris where Jewish Cultural Week was being held.  Sa’iqa took responsibility for the attack.

2-4-79.  Lebanon: R.P.G. rockets were fired at the American Embassy in Beirut, the attack was carried out by the Sa’iqa Syrian base organization.

8-4-79.  Turkey:  An explosion charge went off at the Israeli Consulate in Ankara, no casualties. It is possible that the; attack was carried by Sa’iqa.

6-6-80.  Lebanon:  An attempt was carried out to kill the Reuters correspondent in Beirut, who regularly criticized the Syrian regime.

8- 81 Lebanon:  Three French banks were blown up in Beirut, the attack were attributed to the Syrians.

1-5-81.  Austria: Heinz Nittel.  Chairman of the Israel-Austria Friendship Association, was murdered.  The murder was carried out by Abu Nidal’s
organization, apparently encouraged by the Syrian’s.

4-9-81.  Lebanon: The murder of the French Ambassador, Louis Delmar in Beirut, the French press place the blame on Syria.

8-12-81.  Lebanon:  A- booby-trapped vehicle exploded outside the home of the French ambassador in Beirut, the attack was attributed to Syria once again.

15-3-82. Lebanon:  An explosion at the French Cultural Center in West Beirut, the attack was carried out by the Syrian’s once again.

22-4-82.  France:  A vehicle exploded in the center of Paris on Marbeuy Street, next to the offices of the Pro-Iraqi Lebanese weekly “ Alwatan Elarabi” a
pregnant woman was killed and over 60 buy standards were injured.  Consequently, two Syrian intelligence people from the Syrian Embassy in Paris, who were known to be Rafaht Assad’s men, were deported.  The two were Asst Military Attaché-Lt. Col. Hassin Ali, and the Cultural Attaché, Mishal Kassuha, who were working under diplomatic cover.

3-8-84. An attack was carried out against the American Embassy in Aman Jordan believed to be carried out by Syrian agents.

17-4-86.  London:  An attempt to blow up an El Al plane in the air by loading a suitcase of explosives with the help of an innocent girl, was foiled.  The girl
was sent by Niz’ar Handawi who was sent directly by the head of the Syrian Air force security, headed by Machmad Huli.

26-6-86.  Madrid:  An attempt failed in Madrid to load a suitcase of explosives with the help of an innocent courier, on to an El Al plane, aimed at blowing up
the plane while in route flying.  The man who sent the girl is a terrorist from the Abu Moussa’s organization, he holds a Syrian passport and receives his instructions directly form Syrian intelligence.  Mahamad Huli’s was connected to the attack.

26-6-86.  West Germany:  An explosion in the building of the Arab-West German league in West Berlin.  One of the men arrested is the brother of Nazzar Handawi
who was involved in the attempted attack on the El- Al plane in London, from their interrogation it was learned that the Syrian’s were directly involved in the planning of the attack, and its execution.

The truth about the Syrian regime.
Mass Graves.
A recent report by the well known Syrian reporter, and Human Rights Advocate, Mr. Nizzar Nayyouf, it was indicated that Syria’s secret service is responsible
for the death of more than 17,000 people. These victims are buried in a mass grave near the Tadmour prison. More then 1500 of them are Lebanese, although the
Syrian Regime has been strongly denying their existence for the last 25 years. Solida has recently released a report stating that more than 400 Lebanese
citizens were executed by the Syrian troops in 1990 without any reason and buried at the Baabda area near the Presidential Palace.

Aside from all the barbaric torture and arbitrary detainment of thousands of innocent Lebanese citizens, the Syrian Regime plotted and assassinated prominent
Lebanese national figures who opposed its occupation to their country. Among its victims are Druz leader Kamal Jumblat, President elect Bashir Gemayel, President
elect Rene Mouawad, Sunni Mufti Hassan Khalid, Mr. Dani Shamoun his wife and 2 little kids, Journalist Read Taha, Journalist Salim Lawzi, to name a few.

Mass executions
On Oct 1990 the Syrian troops carried mass executions of Lebanese innocent civilians and unarmed soldiers. More than 200 Lebanese nationals were shot in
the back of their head in a Nazi-style execution. One Lebanese army officer was asked to lay down flat on the ground after surrendering and a tank was drove
over his body while still alive. Another 15 civilians were rounded up, including three women and shot in cold blood in the vicinity of the Baabda Presidential

Car bombs
Syrian secret agents have installed and carried out more than 100 car bomb explosions in Beirut between 1978 and 1990 killing more than 1000 civilians including children . The officer responsible for most of these crimes lives currently under an assumed name in Syria and still works at one of Syria's notorious jails torturing more innocent Lebanese as we speak. Indiscriminate shelling Syrian artillery shelled and killed more then 5000 civilians using heavy artillery, including 240 ml cannons, with complete disregard for human lives.

Between 1976 and 1990, Syria carried out hundreds of massive massacres in Lebanese cities and towns of Tripoli, Alkah, Aldamour, Bessuse, Alfayadeye, Fern
Alshibek, Beirut, Zahli, causing the death of thousands of innocent citizens including women and children.

Kidnapping and torture
Syria’s secret agents and its Lebanese, Palestinian sponsored militias kidnapped and killed thousands of innocents citizens. Thousands were transferred to Syrian
jails and detention centers. Hundreds of them are still detained in Syria jails without any trial or even knowledge regarding their whereabouts.
Major General Ghazi Kanaan, Head of the Syrian intelligence in Lebanon. Kanaan is credited with slowly tightening Syria’s grip over the Lebanese government starting from 1980 by cultivating alliances with certain militia groups in Lebanon. In 1983 Kanaan ordered his militia allies to torpedo the May 17th agreement between Israel and Lebanon brokered by former U.S. Secretary of State Mr. George Schultz. Kenaan went as far as Masterminding the Feb 6th mutiny in West Beirut which led to the breakdown of the Lebanese central government and the withdrawal of the multinational peacekeeping forces, including the U.S. Marines from Lebanon. The plan was executed by a Muslim extremist loyal to Syria who is currently living in Iran as a trainer for other extremists recruited by
the Syrian regime for world terror.

Dear Mr. Powell, do not be fooled by the cunning tactics of the Syrian regime, their ultimate goal is to kill democracy and freedom, please do not allow political games to strip others in the region of their rights to be a free and an independent nations.  The free world has to take a stand against tyrants likes the ones in Syria and Iran, if you want to win the war against terrorism, than evil regimes like the ones mentioned has to be eradicated once and for all.

May God bless America and grant you the strength, and the will to overcome the
power of evil sweeping the world today.
Victory for freedom