Release: Christian Coalition International denounces the passing of the same sex marriage by the Canadian House of Commons 29.6.05

Christian Coalition International (Canada) Inc.
The House of Commons voted 158 to 133 to pass socially experimental legislation that will make Canada the third country in the world, after the socially pitiful puny countries of Holland and Belgium, to legalize 'homosexual' marriage.
Marriage now will be meaningless just as the whole homosexual subculture defines its ultimate meaning.
Any person of legal age can now marry someone of the same sex, the opposite sex or no sex at all, the so-called transvestites. Equality between forms of sexual behaviour which are totally unequal has now artificially been fashioned by legislative fiat. Sodomy legally now equals normative heterosexual reproduction.
The great equality chasm has been papered over and those who shall walk over it may take quite a plunge in to the abyss of social destruction. Children in our nations public schools will now be unsafe, they will be subjected to compulsory indoctrinated in the new equality framework of legal role models, and sexual politics rather than natural biological, God ordained, role models for marriage.
The misrepresentation that no church will have to fall in line is going to keep those who don't want to see what social trends are occurring from realizing how their worldview will be forcefully remoulded by secular constructs, but only for a time. Soon they will find out what Pandora's box has been opened.
The influence this decision will have on the future shape of society will be most pervasive and devastating.
It is pathetic that in the end there were not 14 more good men and women who had the moral fortitude to stand up for righteousness, justice for the natural family, truth, national health, and the best interest of children.
For God and country, we must see a turning back to our foundations soon, or we shall perish! June 28th was a turning point in Canada. For better or worse? We predict the next generation will answer that question resoundingly; For worse! But that will be when the damage has been done.

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