Commission on International Relations -
August 2, 2003
The Case of M Bruce Balfour

The Commission on International Relations of the WLCU was informed by the WLCU branches in Canada as well as by the Canadian-Lebanese Human Rights Federation (CLHRF) of the arrest in Lebanon of the Canadian citizen Bruce Balfour and the consequences of such act.

Per reports of the CLHRF M Balfour is a Canadian citizen who has been active in promoting Lebanon's image around the world and who has been working on planting Cedars trees in the mother country. Per these reports, he was arrested by security services in Lebanon and is accused of political activism.

The CIR is seriously concerned with the fate of M Balfour as a Canadian citizen who supports Lebanon. Such a matter, will have an impact on the relationship between Lebanon and Canada, the latter being one of the most important home countries for the Lebanese Diaspora.

The CIR has asked its Human Rights Bureau to investigate the matter and raise the issue with the Canadian and Lebanese Governments and if needed, with the appropriate international organizations.