Mom's Day: a reminder of the Unbreakable Love
By: Dr. Walid Phares
May 11/05/09

On this Mother's Day all of us realize, each one from their own life experience, that mom's love is an unbreakable one. This year is my second Mother Day without my mom. She passed away on December 17, 2007, seventeen years after we were separated by a sudden loss of freedom provoking my relocation to these shores.

Hind has played a tremendous role in my life, as most mothers do, particularly as we were faced with the challenges of unrest and conflict. After a happy childhood, our family had to endure the wrath of war.

Along with my father's guidance to acquire and spread knowledge around us her faith and love kept us determined to strive for freedom and compassion. In October 1990 I had to leave her in the old country so that I can commit to a mission and career of education in America.

Hence for the following 17 years, we have been separated. Except for few visits here in the US and in meetings half way in France, we suffered the pain of mother and son kept apart by this wall separating liberty from oppression.

Her words over the phone comforted me for not being able to visit her and enjoy such moments. Years passed, as we were clinging on short conversations and letters. My choice in life, striving for freedom and speaking out for democracy, cost me dearly: 17 years of separation with my mother.

On this Mom's day, as many who have experienced the same saga, I tell those who are enjoying their mother: hug her dearly and spend as much time as you can with her, physically or over the phone: for this is a Godly gift.
At her next passing anniversary, I'll write more.

Today I am offering this song:
Happy Mother Day..