European Parliament Resolution
12 March 1998

The European Parliament,

Having regard to its previous resolutions on Syria,

A. Whereas human rights organizations report that more than 100 Lebanese nationals have been arbitrary detained and held in solitary confinement by the Syrian forces in Lebanon,

B. Whereas, according to the same reports, these prisoners have been incarcerated in Syria, no charge has been brought against them and their families have remained in complete ignorance of their fate for many years,

C. Having regard to the negotiations between the European Union and Syria for a Euro-Mediteranean Association Agreement,

1. Welcomes the fact that at least 121 of those prisoners have recently been released.

2. Is concerned at the fate of those remaining in detention in Syria. The number of which , according to reports by international humanitarian organizations, exceeds thirty.

3. Calls on the Syrian Government to provide a full list of the Lebanese nationals detained in Syria, to release those prisoners who face no charges and to transfer the other Lebanese prisoners to Lebanon.

4. Calls on the Council and the governments of the Member States to take these factors into consideration when negotiating the Euro-Mediterranean Association Agreement with the Government of Syria.

5. Instructs its president to forward this resolution to the Commission, the Council and the Lebanese and Syrian government.