Open letter to President George Bush
By: George Khoury, A True Lebanese"

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20500
Attn: President George W. Bush.


Dear Mr. President
President George Bush, in few days you will be meeting with the Prime Minister of Lebanon Mr. Rafik Hariri as the first official visit form the Lebanese government to the White House. Please take a moment and read what is really going on in my country.
I am a United States Citizen from a Lebanese origin trying to be the voice of freedom for my oppressed people in Lebanon. As you know of course Syria has more than 35,000 thousands troops still occupying Lebanon, and over 1000 secret service police watching every move of any Lebanese who tries to openly speak against the Syrian occupation of my country. Such behavior is met with sever punishment and torture by Syrian authorities using anything form electric shock up to 5000 volts, down to beating and other methods of torture using hungry dogs and rats while the victim is unconscious causing him or her to die at times. I will provide you with a wed site so you can check what is going on yourself, I am not making up any stories it is the honest truth.

Lebanese Groups:
The puppet Government of Lebanon, and its Syrian proxies, including the subversive groups placed on the list of International Terrorism, they do not represent the Lebanese identity or its people. These are the same groups who assassinated late president elect Bashir Gemayal, late president elect Rene Moawad, Druze leader Kamal Joumblat, Sunni Mufti Hasan Khalid, leader of the free tiger party Dani Shamoun his wife and 2 little kids with thousands of other Lebanese patriots for the purpose of swallowing Lebanon and making it a Syrian protectorate.  These groups support the drug trades to the U.S., have exported terrorism, exiled Lebanese leaders overseas, and jailed others are assisting in the destruction of Lebanon today. Aside from the
assassination of political leaders, Syria is directly responsible for the killing of more than 200 civilians on Oct 131991 execution style with hands tied behind their back, and their faces maimed so they cannot be identified.  All this was done for peace in Lebanon as Syria keeps claiming with the blessing of the current government of course.

Syria’s secret agents are in every government office, they have posts in front of our presidential palace, the ministry of defense, the Ministry of justice, the Ministry of communication, Universities and so fourth.  The phones of every government official are taped, no one is allowed to say anything against the Syrians you do so at your own risk no protection by the Lebanese government, who is suppose to uphold the law and protect its citizens. Even though Lebanese army constitute of 70,000 man, and more than capable of securing all borders, and disarming all militias still prevented from doing so by Syria.

You see Mr. President do not be fooled by Mr. Hariri rich status and connections with the Saudi’s, the truth of the matter is that he is nothing but a Syrian puppet installed by Syria to kill the democracy in Lebanon, illegally issuing citizen ships to Syrians aimed at changing the demography of the country, and force the Lebanese to disperse all over the world for his own personal gain. When meeting with Mr. Hariri next week, please ask him how come the Syrian secret police is allowed to enter Universities and arrest students for no reason, may be he can explain to you what kind of democratic system is that, we all like to know.

Mr. President it would be a crime for humanity if America, the leader of the free world allows democracy to die in Lebanon.  If the Lebanese are forced out through economical tactics for what so called peace in the region think again. Do you think for one minute that Israel will have peace if Lebanon becomes an Islamic state? Do not allow money, and greed to destroy a nation,
which stood against all odds through history. Our people Mr. President were the first once to invent the alphabet we speak today. Our people sailed the first boat, and started world commerce as we see it in our present time, they were called the Phoenicians, please President Bush do not allow oil and special interest to destroy a beautiful culture full with pride and glory,
help us out GET SYRIA OUT OF LEBANON, and peace shell prevail in the Middle East.

Mr. Hariri and his puppet government has done nothing to protect the Lebanese people, but instead his tactics are destroying the country, killing any hope of having a democratic process, abusing human rights and free speech, harassing any one dares to speak out openly against Syria, disregarding all requests by mothers whose innocent children’s are detained in Syria for no reason experiencing horrible torture, and abuse by Syria’s secret service agents.  Mr. President, I voted for you because I felt you are a man of integrity, I am asking you to help those who want to be free. 

America fulfill your promise the world is watching, please President Bush do not let us down.

The URL you need to go to is the following.
move the mouse down to were you see, Links, news and weather, than go detainees in Syrian jails, in which you are linked to a web page called Click on Enter and read the horrible stories.
President Bush do not let us down we are depending on you. There is a new form of Nazism in the world today the difference is the country.

God bless you always
George Khoury.