Open letter to Mr. Nabih Berri
By: George Khoury, "A True Lebanese"

Dear Mr. Berri
I am really amazed of your loyalty Mr. Nabih Berri;
I admire your courage and the sacrifices you have made toward Lebanon and the Lebanese people.
What an honor really. 
Are you a public figure elected to serve, and protect the interest of an occupier against your own people?
You are really a hero, our kids will have a great future knowing that someone like you is in charge. 
I wonder how your kids feel after learning what kind of subservient their dad has become, I bet they are walking with pride in their eyes.

Let us talk a little about all the sacrifices Syria did for Lebanon since you are so hang up on it. I would not loose any sleep over it.
It was all done for a good cause don’t you think. Syria enters Lebanon in 1975 officially under the logo of stopping the uprising of the Palestinians against the Christians in Lebanon.  However, the question is who really armed the Palestinians and got them to that point.  The weapons did not fall off the skies we all know where it came from in 1973, our mistake was than, we tried to be nice to our brothers and sisters, if we had done what King Hussein did we would not be in this mess today, and you would still be a gas station owner no more no less.

We are really grateful for the protection of Syria as you keep mentioning, while you are at it, please thank them for protecting us from the Israeli invasion 1982, thank them for protecting us from Mr. Kamal Jumblat, President elect Bashir Gemayel, President elect Rene Mouawad, Mufti Hassan Khalids, Mr Dani Shamoun, his dangerous wife and 2 little kids, you should also thank them for protecting us against all the innocent civilians detained and tortured in Syrian jails, thank them for the 15 innocent civilians who were rounded up and shot as a bonus on Oct 13th 1990 including 3 women, thank them for the officer who was asked to lay down flat on the ground while they ran a tank over him, and how about the 200 civilians shot execution style after maiming their faces so they cannot be identified with more than 50 soldiers who were shot execution style after they have surrendered their weapons. While you are on the subject, you should also give them a big thanks from all the Lebanese who died under torture in Syrian prisons and the massive grave sites of more than 2,800 skeletons, which was destroyed by the Mukhabarat as an attempt to dispose of any evidence, Lebanon should be grateful for all their efforts to preserve peace don’t you think.

Here is some more for your conscious if you have one.  How about all the sacrifices they did in, Tripoli Alkah, Aldamour, Bessuse, Alfayadeye, FernAlshibek, Beirut, Zahli, along with more than a 100 car bombs against Lebanese civilians in East Beirut killing more than 1000 innocent bystanders including little kids. Are you telling me that Syria did all these massacres as a sacrifice for Lebanon?  I do know what are you thinking, do you think we are stupid, do you think we are going to let you and Syria get away with this, think again. History is keeping records, and so are we Mr. Nabih Berri, I felt obligated to reply to your statement for one reason, I am sick to my stomach of all of you traitors, I am disgusted with the fact that none of you cares for Lebanon, you have no honor, no dignity, no self respect, I don not even know how you go to sleep at night.
The truth is going to come out either you like it or not, if I were you, I would start preparing for a long vacation in Syria since you love them this much, or stay in Lebanon and face charges for treason. The time will come rest assure.

Long live the free Lebanon
True Lebanese.