Another open letter to Mr. Nabih Berri
By:  George Khoury, A True Lebanese
Mr. Berri, your imported  rhetorical statements are confusing the people of Lebanon   A while ago you claimed the Syrians are needed to protect us from the Israelis, and now you are claiming that they are needed to control 180 thousands Palestinians in the South. Please clarify something for us, which is it? Are they here to protect us, or to control the Palestinians? As free Lebanese citizens in Occupied Lebanon and Diaspora we are entitled to know the truth, if you do not mind.

If the Syrians are so worried about the Palestinians, why do they supply them with arms and train them to begin with? The weapons in the Palestinian camps did not fall of the skies, we all know from where they  came from.  Are you telling the Lebanese that their Army, which constitutes of 100,000 men, is not capable of controlling the Palestinians?  Let us be real please!!!

The only one that you  are fooling here Mr. Berri is yourself. The Lebanese people are fed up with all these lies and deceptions. The truth of the matter is that the Syrians are not even capable of protecting themselves from patriotic students, let alone protecting Lebanon from an Israeli invasion. We all now know what happened in 1982. Please, Mr. Berri  come out to the open and say the truth, no more playing with words.

It has been proven to all of us, that the Syrians are in Lebanon to protect their own interests. They could care less about the Arab Nationalism you keep shouting about, Syria’s intentions are well known; they are not fooling any one. The irony is that they are completely blind to the fact that if Lebanon falls, so will they. The fall of Lebanon will backfire on them ten times worth. A stronger Syria can only be created, if and only if Lebanon is strong economically, politically and democratically.

The time has come for  the Syrian regime to realize that dumping its 40% unemployed population on Lebanon is not going to save Syria's economy. Syria has to start investing in creating jobs not exporting its work force outside. Stability comes from governments investing in new technology and research, strength comes from allowing people to exercise their mind and able to express their opinions freely. Totalitarian regimes have no place any more in the world, it is time for all Syrian officials to get with the program. Change is imminent... the question is when is Syria’s turn?  it is only a matter of time.

As for you Mr. Berri stand up for your country. You took an oath, to uphold the constitution and protect the interests of Lebanon against any occupier. The people are asking what are you going to do about the Syrian occupation? Enough hiding behind the truth for personal gains, be an authentic leader and join the right side. The time has come to realize that if you allow the ship to sink any deeper you and your community are sinking with it. If you think by allowing Lebanon to die you are going to come out a winner, think again, there will be no winners. No outsider is in Lebanon for you or for any Lebanese, look around and learn from history it tells it all. We as free Lebanese are not willing to risk losing who we are for the sake of Arabism, no way...We are Lebanese, only Lebanese and this how it is going to be till the day of judgment.

It is God’s given right for people to be proud of who they are. As free Lebanese we understand that we have to respect our neighboring countries, but on the other hand our neighboring countries must accept who we are. They have no choice, but to accept us as a free nation with a distinguishable identity and deeply rooted civilization and history. In case the Syrian want to fight Israel, which they have never ever dared to do, they can go back to their own country and start their own war from their own occupied Golan Heights . Lebanon can no longer bear the whole responsibility for all the Arabs, if the Arab countries are serious about their cause than let them fight their own wars, enough is enough. Mr. Berri.  Do not be afraid join the ranks of the Free Patriotic Lebanese and let us go through the journey of freedom together as one.  Trust me, you will not be disappointed.
Long live the free Lebanon

Yours truly,
George Khoury, A True Lebanese.