Canadian Coalition for Democracies <>
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2004 12:28:23 -0500
To: National Post <>
Subject: Letter re: Don't deport ex-SLA members back to Lebanon, 13 Dec 2004)

Dear Editor,

It is saddening to learn that Canada's Immigration department does not believe in clemency toward Lebanese refugees fleeing for their lives from Syrian and Hezbollah overlords who illegally occupy their country (Don't deport ex-SLA members back to Lebanon, 13 Dec 2004). Yet our immigration department is fast-tracking strippers and known terrorists into Canada.

From 2000-2003, Canada has reduced the number of people we allow into Canada on humanitarian grounds: 37,143 in 2000, 43,418 in 2001, and 31,500 in 2002. In 2002, the highest percentage of humanitarian claimants allowed into Canada came from Pakistan, including the Khadr family whose mother boasted of their Al-Qaeda connection and welcomed martyrdom for her children.

Canada's arbitrary refugee laws have allowed PFLP terrorist Mahmoud Mohammed Issa Mohammed, convicted in the hijacking of an El AL plane and murder of an innocent civilian -- and subsequently released in capitulation to yet another hijacking -- to live comfortably in Brantford, Ontario since 1986. His latest argument against deportation is that Egypt will not provide the same level of healthcare that this convicted terrorist enjoys in Canada.

Prime Minister Paul Martin must instruct his government to do a better job identifying refugee claimants fleeing real terror. Choosing to allow Al-Qaeda families into Canada and failing to deport convicted terrorists, while deporting Christian Lebanese to a country brutally occupied by Syria and Hezbollah, is not only shameful, but risks the lives of thousands of waiting refugees who are genuinely worthy of protection in Canada.

Will Paul Martin make Canada's refugee policy once again serve the needs of real refugees and the people of Canada?

Yours faithfully,
Rochelle Wilner
Senior Vice President, Canadian Coalition for Democracies <>