Release from The general coordinator of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1559 Mr Toni Nissi
October 29, 2007
Press Release

The general coordinator of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1559 Mr Toni Nissi commented yesterday on the press release issued by the Loyalty to Resistance parliamentary block. This last press release considered the Weapon's arsenal of Hizbollah as a "destiny" as long as the Zionist movement exists and that this armory no longer needs to be recognized by anybody or legalized.

Mr Nissi said: " We have been hearing recently declarations from high ranking officers in hizbollah's militia and from their echoing voices in the infamous Opposition movement stating that the militia has been preparing to retaliate in case a president was elected by half plus one quorum and who, moreover, is not ready to implement their (hizbollah) agenda. This fact was also emphasized by the Hizbollah deputy leader Naiim Kassem.who said that the militia is ready to resist any election by the majority.

It is enough after a war which has destroyed half Lebanon and killed 1500 of its people to hear that a "divine" victory still have a Destined arsenal and to be preached that this very weaponry is "destined" to the Lebanese people and that the job of the weapon is to destroy Israel and eliminate it from existence and no one has the right to argue for that weapon is "destined" weapon and destiny is from God and therefore who is better than hizbollah in explaining destiny.

Enough insulting the intelligence of the people and enough of abusing of God and its sacred entity as we all know that it is the weapon to protect the government of the scholars (wilayat al Fakih) in Lebanon and it is a weapon for violence, terrorism and for export of the Iranian Revolution to the world and this weapon was never a resistance weapon but a weapon directed inside to the other co patriots: who took the decision to fight the Kataeb i.e. the Christians (in your mission statement), who committed the camps war, who killed other Chiites when you tried to finish the Amal movement as a first step to control the Chiite movement and who kidnapped, in the Bekaa, South Beirut and Mount Lebanon, high ranking officers from the Lebanese army, the destiny of whom is still not known till now. Who did clandestine court martials and executed Lebanese without going back to the Lebanese state. The list goes on and on and the reference is none but the books written by your leaders and deputies.

Enough using the name of Resistance, you have kept this mascharade going since the Taef Accord as a reason to keep your weapons so that you can hijack the Chiites decisions, representation, voting and to even control the enormous spaces and Lebanese lands which amounts to be more than half of the Lebanese territory and through it to control the government decisions and to occupy Down town Beirut to finish off the Lebanese state.

Toni Nissi
General Coordinator