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Washington, Dec 2nd, 2007/CR News

Press release

Seven Conditions For Lebanese Army Commander Candidacy

In view of the fact that the leader of the Parliamentary majority in Lebanon, Sheikh Saad Hariri has advanced the name of Army Commander General Michel Sleiman, as his candidate for President of the Republic; and in view of that fact that other leaders from the March 14 Movement, including MP Walid Jumblat, Kataeb Supreme Leader Sheikh Amin Gemayel, Lebanese Forces commander Dr Samir Geagea as well as Prime Minister Fouad Seniora have all expressed their approval for this candidacy, the World Council for the Cedars Revolution issues the following press release:

A - The supporters of the Cedars Revolution worldwide have conducted their efforts since March 2005 and have struggled since 1990 to achieve goals pertaining to the liberation of Lebanon from Syrian occupation and the Terror networks linked to the Iranian regime. These goals remain even as the legitimate representatives of the Lebanese people, including their legislators, perform their constitutional duties, including the election of a President for the Lebanese Republic. The WCCR has issued a list of candidates it approves from the Majority in Parliament under the umbrella of the Cedars Revolution. But if the legislators decide to adopt another candidate in light of their perception of events and interest, the WCCR will not oppose their choice even though it wasn’t listed on the Council’s final list if certain conditions are met.

B - If the Legislative majority wishes to proceed with the candidacy of the commander of the Lebanese Army, they will have to assume the responsibility of a constitutional amendment for that purpose. And if they decide to amend the current constitution, the WCCR will recommend that certain amendments be passed simultaneously so that the new constitution reflects the objectives of the Cedars Revolution.

C - If the Lebanese constitution is amended in such a way to satisfy the goals of the Cedars Revolution, and to preserve Lebanon’s democracy, then the candidacy of the commander of the Lebanese Army will be accepted and supported. The Lebanese Army, which has scored an important victory against terrorism in Northern Lebanon, has proven that it can be relied on when the political leadership of the country is committed to counter Terrorism.
Hence, the WCCR poses the following conditions for accepting and supporting the candidacy of the commander of the Lebanese Army to the Presidency of the Republic.

1 . That the Parliament of Lebanon vote for an amendment to the Taif Agreement canceling the privileged relations between Lebanon and Syria and replace them with normal diplomatic relations.

2. That the Parliament of Lebanon vote for canceling the privilege granted to a so-called “resistance”, named Hezbollah, to bear weapons, transport them, use them, organizes training camps, and receives weapons and financial support from foreign Governments.

3. That the Parliament of Lebanon vote for the abrogation of the Syrian-Lebanese Cooperation and Brotherhood Treaty forced on Lebanon in 1991, by virtue of which any President of Lebanon is bound to coordinate with the head of the Syrian regime on sovereignty and security issues.

4. That the current Government of Lebanon dismantles the "joint operation room," between the Syrian Regime, the Lebanese state and Hezbollah. This security apparatus, imposed on Lebanon by the Syrian and Iranian regimes has to be dismantled before a new President is elected

5 That the Presidential candidate declares prior to the election that he and his new Government will commit to deploying the Lebanese Army along the Syrian-Lebanese borders and stop the flow of weapons, men and logistics destined to Lebanese armed groups, including the so-called “resistance” named Hezbollah.

6 That the Presidential candidate declares prior to the election that he and his new Government will commit to the full implementation of UN 1559 and 1701 under international auspices and not under the armed influence and intimidation of Terror militias.

7 That the Presidential candidate declares prior to the election that he and his new Government will commit to work fully with the UN and the international tribunal to implement the decisions of the tribunal and the judicial process initiated by these institutions with regard to the prosecution of the parties involved in the assassination of a number of MPs and political leaders in Lebanon.

If the legislators who advanced the candidacy of the Commander of the Lebanese Army issue a declaration confirming these seven principles and if the candidate they have selected also issues a declaration confirming these principles, the WCCR will extend its support to the candidacy of General Michel Sleiman for the election as President of the Republic of Lebanon

Joe Baini
Tom Harb
Secretary General