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 6th June 2007 


H.E. Ban Ki-Moon

Secretary General

United Nations

New York, NY



Your Excellency,


UNIFIL Leadership Needs Clear Direction in Lebanon


The World Council of the Cedars Revolution ( WCCR) is very disturbed by the announcement from the UNIFIL leadership in Lebanon that its charter of operations is only in the South of Lebanon.

Such a statement, if not retracted or clarified will almost certainly pave the way for the enemies of democracy to avoid the South but in turn set the rest of Lebanon, including the capital Beirut, on fire.


The WCCR calls on you and your Security Council to clearly direct the UNIFIL leadership to retract this unacceptable statement and position; and to emphatically and positively outline,  in accordance with UNSCR 1701, that UNIFIL is in Lebanon primarily to protect the South but also to assist the Lebanese government in any other area as deemed necessary and requested by the duly elected government of  Lebanon.


Secondly, in view of the spread of conflict by Al Qaeda and other armed terrorist groups in Palestinian camps in Lebanon, , we strongly advocate, now more than ever, the need for implementation of Chapter 7 for the UNIFIL. This explosive situation is an existential threat to Lebanon which we have been telling your Security Council about over the past two years. Absent immediate action, a calamity for Lebanon and the free world is quite possible.


World Council of the Cedars Revolution


Joseph P Baini

World Council Chairman