The World Council of the Cedars Revolution
Representing the hopes and aspirations of many millions of Lebanese throughout the Diaspora
Thursday 30th November 2006 ‎

Washington DC
Media Release

‎Aoun Is Providing Cover for the Enemy? Or Has He Become the Enemy?‎
‎WCCR Calls on the People of Lebanon NOT to go to the Streets behind ‎Aoun and Nasrallah and to Ignore Lahoud.‎

Was he ever loyal to the full restoration of Lebanonís Sovereignty? Or was he driven by personal ‎ambition and a twisted agenda? These are some of the questions asked by many, including some of his ‎former supporters and allies.‎
For fifteen years, Michel Aoun attacked, cursed, insulted and vowed retribution against the tyranny of ‎the occupying enemy Syria and their terrorist militia in Lebanon, Hezbollah and their associate ‎terrorists in Palestinian Camps, Islamic Jihad and Moslem fundamentalists. ‎
For fifteen years Michel Aoun traveled the free world and the Lebanese Diaspora, playing on the ‎emotions and honorable good will of Lebanonís loyal sons and daughters, raising their hopes with ‎speeches and promises of rebuilding a safe and sound Lebanon for their families and the future of ‎their children.‎
For fifteen years, Michel Aoun played on the creditability of the Lebanese Diaspora to help him reach ‎the worldís most powerful leaders, seeking their support for him to return in peace and safety to his ‎supposedly beloved Lebanon so that he can continue the drive for an independent and democratically ‎free Lebanon. ‎
All the above were his accusations of the enemy and his projected planning for total retribution and ‎destruction of his enemies and undoubtedly his list of Lebanonís enemies of the time. Although, ‎General Aoun gives the impression that he was behind the UNSCR1559, but where in fact he readily ‎acknowledges that he was NOT behind the UNSCR1559 which was instrumental in the withdrawal of ‎the Syrian Army from Lebanon after 30 years of occupation.‎
Was he only negotiating for his safe return to Lebanon? Perhaps after his arrival in Lebanon he ‎assessed that he will never be able to overpower the enemy in time for his anticipated acceptance of the ‎Lebanese presidency. Perhaps he assessed that retreat is the better part of valor; and given that the ‎best part of his productive years and life are now behind him, if he still coveted the Presidency, ‎perhaps it was better to work with the enemy instead of working with his loyal supporters and the ‎people who had trusted him.‎
Is it possible that the Michel Aoun who spent fifteen years in Paris, planning the downfall of his ‎enemies Syria and Hezbollah, has today betrayed his people to become his enemyís puppet and ‎perceived protector?‎
Can Michel Aoun truly look his Christian constituents in the eyes and tell them that he is doing all of ‎this for their benefit?‎
For every reasonably intelligent person in Lebanon knows that if Hezbollah were to hold a Street ‎protest in order to bring down the democratically elected government of Fouad Siniora, the whole ‎world would rise in arms against them.‎
So, in order to provide cover for Hezbollah, Syria and Iran, Michel Aoun, the self declared champion ‎of the Christian Community and the newly acquired Syrian weapon in Lebanon, will on Friday, set out ‎on a street protest, supported by Syrians, Palestinians and Iranians, designed deliberately to divide his ‎Christian base and set the nation on the path of civil war. ‎
He has forgone all the powerful support of the intellectual, political, diplomatic and business ‎communities who have already abandoned him because of his blind and self serving ambition. He does ‎however enjoy and relies heavily on the support of an unconstitutional president who is the laughing ‎stock of the whole world, a man who is regarded by world leaders to be totally bankrupt of any ‎character, with little or no credibility and absolutely no trust.‎
How low can a president bring down the image of his country and people? Yet he has the audacity to ‎attempt to bring down the democratically elected government of Fouad Siniora, in order to delay or ‎avoid the establishment of an International Court to deal with the assassinations of anti Syrian ‎political leaders who had served their country with loyalty and honor.‎
The president of the nation whose main charter is to unite and strengthen his people, generate ‎cohesiveness amongst his people and be the source of character and honor for his people, is today ‎calling on the public service of his country not to obey the instructions of the duly elected and sworn ‎Fouad Siniora government.‎
Once again we call on the UNSC to urgently mandate Chapter 7, within the framework of ‎UNSCR1701 for the safety and protection of the democratically elected Government and the freedom ‎loving people of Lebanon.‎
It would seem that madness is the supreme ruler in Lebanon today.‎
The WCCR sends this all out alert to all other political leaders of the Cedars Revolution, Beware that ‎the disease which has beset a one time perceived to be a great leader of the Revolution, Michel Aoun, ‎might be contagious and spread to other leaders of this noble Revolution. It would certainly spell the ‎end of democracy and freedom in Lebanon.‎

For and on behalf of the World Council of the Cedars Revolution.‎
Joseph P Baini
Dr Rachid Rahme Secretary General Lebanon
Eng. Tom Harb International Committee UNSCR 1559‎ USA
Col. Charbel Barakat Intelligence and Security Director Canada
Eng. Toni Nissi UNSCR 1559 Coordinator ‎ Lebanon
Dr Anis Karam President World Lebanese Cultural Union WLCU USA
Eng. Fadi Bark Secretary General World Lebanese Cultural Union USA
Attorney John Hajjar Chairman International Relations WLCU USA
Attorney Claudia Chater Legal Advisor UNSCR 1559‎ Brazil
Attorney Joanne Fakhre President North American Continent WLCU USA
Lahez Haddad WCCR Council Officer New Zealand ‎
Kamal El Batal WCCR Human Rights Officer Lebanon
Joseph Saouk WCCR Officer Sweden
Roni Doumit WCCR Coordinator ‎ Europe
Joseph Sokhen UNSCR 1559 Officer Lebanon
George Chaya Media Coordinator, UNSCR 1559 Officer Argentina
Snr Eng. Eblan Farris WCCR Communications Director USA
Sami Khoury Former Consul General of Lebanon Equador

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