The World Council of the Cedars Revolution
Representing the hopes and aspirations of many millions of Lebanese throughout the Diaspora

 22nd November 2006
Sydney, Australia

 Media Release

- The World Council for the Cedars Revolution (WCCR) condemns this cold  blooded assassination.
- Calls for United Nations Security Council to incorporate Chapter 7 in  UNSCR 1701.
- Lahoud must go NOW.

The WCCR offers the Gemayel Family and the Worldwide Lebanese community our most sincere and heartfelt condolences at this occasion of the assassination of Minister Pierre Gemayel MP, one of Lebanonís brightest, most loyal and productive political performers.

This brutal assassination at such a time has been mercilessly executed as a blatant attack against the freedom of the people of Lebanon, to deliver a message of attempting to kill off Lebanonís sacred Independence, from the control and hegemony of terrorist militias and tyrannical regimes who hunger for the destruction of this beautiful land and converting it into a dictatorial state.  

How long can loyal Lebanese families continue to supply their nationís struggle for liberation, with the blood and ultimate sacrifice of the young politicians who dedicate themselves to building a better future for their people? These ruthless assassins believe that they are driving a nail in the coffin of the nation of Lebanon by killing off their successful young ministers and parliamentarians, thus leaving a potential political leadership vacuum for the future.

The Prime Minister and his government could ask themselves the question of the importance of an effective UNSC Resolution which would have empowered the UNIFIL to disarm everyone with the exception of the Lebanese Army.

How long can the nation continue to remain calm in the face of continued assassinations and massacres, the intentions of which are the decimations of the custodians of Lebanonís sovereignty, independence and democratic freedoms? In the hearts and minds of all freedom loving Lebanese, this loss weighs heavy, yet, wisdom would dictate that patience and calm should be the order of the day.

How long can the United Nations Security Council, who was established to protect smaller democracies from the savages of ruthless dictators, continue to procrastinate fulfilling their responsibilities towards the people of Lebanon? Surely, the time has come. Surely, the time is NOW to inject Chapter 7 into the UNSCR 1701 mandate and give real bite to the security and protection to the government and the democratic people of Lebanon. 

When will the super powers of the world begin to realize that Lebanon is the first step in the domino principle of toppling over democracies in the grandiose plans of fundamentalist dictators who wish to rule the world by fear of the sword? The time has come for the US and Europe to take stock of these policies. The fact of the matter is that there is too much latitude being given to terrorist nations and their leadership, in negotiations, for these countries have no intention of coming to the party except on their own terms; and those terms are, complete domination of the free world.

This is not a time for soft bellies. This is a time for leaders with conviction to take action accordingly and save the world from enormous destruction and devastation; as well as protection of a cherished way of life, democracy and freedom under the rule of law.

 The World Council of the Cedars Revolution

 Joseph P BainiL President
Sydney - Australia

 Dr Rachid Rahme                  Secretary General-Lebanon

Eng. Tom Harb                       International Committee UNSCR 1559-USA

Col. Charbel Barakat            Intelligence and Security Director- Canada

Eng. Toni Nissi                       UNSCR 1559 Coordinator-Lebanon         

Dr Anis Karam                       President World Lebanese Cultural Union-WLCU  USA

Eng. Fadi Bark                       Secretary General World Lebanese Cultural Union-USA

Attorney John Hajjar             Chairman International Relations-WLCU   USA

Attorney Claudia Chater       Legal Advisor UNSCR 1559-Brazil

Attorney Joanne Fakhre       President North American Continent WLCU-USA

Kamal El Batal                       WCCR Human Rights Officer-Lebanon     

Joseph Saouk                         WCCR  Officer-Sweden

Roni Doumit                           WCCR Coordinator-Europe

Joseph Sokhen                       UNSCR 1559 Officer-Lebanon

George Chaya                        Media Coordinator, UNSCR 1559 Officer-Argentina

Snr Eng. Eblan Farris            WCCR Communications Director-USA

Sami Khoury                          Former Consul General of Lebanon-Ecuador