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21st May 2007
Press Release

Press Release: An open Letter to Prime Minister Fouad Siniora

- Request the Government of Prime Minister Fouad Siniora to request expansion of UNIFIL Forces in Lebanon Under Chapter 7 to Protect the Civil Society, Monitor the Borders and Start the Process of Disarmament of all Militias in Lebanon, i.e. Full Implementation of UN Resolutions 1559 and 1701.

Dear Prime Minister Fouad Siniora,
The World Council for the Cedars Revolution sees Lebanese Unity as fully supporting the duly elected Lebanese Government of Prime Minister Fouad Siniora, the Constitution of Lebanon, the Democratic Institutions and the Army.
In addition to this support, The World Council for the Cedars Revolution also in a democratic tone of checks and balances makes its utmost and urgent request to this Government that it immediately request from the United Nations its assistance in dealing with the root cause problems in Lebanon today under a Chapter 7 Security Council Resolution.
The most pressing concern being a full implementation of UN Resolutions 1559/1701; A Chapter 7 resolution to protect the civil society of Lebanon, monitor the Borders and a program to start disarming the militias.
In the Past The World Council for the Cedars Revolution has urged your Government to request the United Nations Assistance under Chapter 7, and your response has always been to repeatedly reject our calls, informing the World that Lebanon can solve its problems internally.
The World Council for the Cedars Revolution completely rejects this premise based on the following: Lebanon is under attack by the foreign forces of Syria and Iran. Unequivocal evidence exists in the office of the UN Secretary General, and helpful partner countries of the massive shipments of arms to militias in Lebanon, the presence of Syrian intelligence agents in Lebanon, the presence of Iranian military agents in Lebanon.
The Lebanese Army acted bravely and protected the nation this past weekend in North Lebanon, however it may not fair well if Syria directs all the militias, that it has supplied weapons to, to simultaneously attack the Lebanese Army. Thus, the problems of Lebanon today cannot be solved internally, nor by the government itself.
Over the past 2 + years there have been close to 80 people killed in a directed War of Assassinations, more than 23 bombings in a directed War of Intimidations.
The goal of achieving Protection of the Civil Society in Lebanon, Security of the Lebanese Democratic State and its Institutions, will only work if with the Chapter 7 Assistance of the United Nations.
We understand that the intention of this Government has always been to stabilize the Lebanon, Provide Security to its Citizens and achieve Unity amongst its people.
While this has good intentions, the question must be asked how many more Lebanese are to perish, how many more Intimidation bombings, and how many more Visa Requests to leave the Country will there be before this Government asks the International Community to come to the assistance of Lebanon.
Prime Minister Siniora, This is not a war that we have to win, It is a war that we absolutely cannot afford to lose.

Eblan Farris,
Office of the Communications Directorate
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