The World Council of the Cedars RevolutionRepresenting the hopes and aspirations of many millions of Lebanese throughout the Diaspora

To: Lee Hamilton and Michael Van Dusen,
C/O Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

Washington Bureau, Thursday 26th of April 2007

Ref. Hezbollah allies invited to The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars at the Lecture: Whither the Cedar Revolution,

Monday, April 30 2007, 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.

It is with utmost concern that we bring to your attention the invitation to the Woodrow Wilson Center of Lebanese Politicians connected with the Terror Group Hezbollah.

It is our understanding that The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars has invited, this coming Monday April 30, 2007, members of the Lebanese Parliament for a presentation on the Cedar Revolution. Unfortunately, those named: Ibrahim Kenaan and Ghassan Moukheiber, do not represent the Cedar Revolution and are members of the so-called Reform and Change parliamentary bloc, headed by MP Michel Aoun who has officially signed a memorandum of understanding with and lists Hezbollah as their closest Ally.

Hezbollah is on the State Departments list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTOs).

We urge all involved to disallow any opportunity to misrepresent the the Cedar Revolution by anyone connected with terror groups. An American Center promoting Democracy should never serve as the platform for pro-Terrorist groups.

We reject the fact that Think Tanks in the US would become a Public Relations tool to further the propaganda of Terrorists overseas. This undoubtedly will send a message that would confuse the supporters of the Cedar Revolution and the Civil Society in general in Lebanon.

US policy clearly forbids supporting the terrorists and those that support the terrorists. And as the leadership of both parties, Democrats and Republicans wisely co-signed the Syria accountability act in 2004; there is an American consensus on opposing Hezbollah's Terror and propaganda.

Thomas Woodrow Wilson, the namesake of this esteemed think-tank, in his leadership to resolve the First World War introduced the Fourteen Points Address of 1918 calling for, among other things, autonomous development. Unfortunately, the Majority in Lebanon, who do represent the Cedar Revolution, are not able to develop autonomously because of vicious Syrian and Iranian interference. Lebanon is yearning for any and all democratic centers, such as your esteemed center, to come out in full support of people who will use your venue for true representation of democratic reform, and not for furthering foreign hegemony of power in the region. This is explicitly why Secretary Condoleezza Rice, who is an esteemed public member of your center, stated that you can not have one foot in terror and one foot in the democratic process.

Lebanon's first need today is to pursue autonomous development free from intimidation from terrorists and their state sponsors. The intimidation of the Lebanese today, by the opposition and its closest ally Hezbollah, who is being armed, sponsored and funded by foreign the powers Iran and Syria, outside the auspices of the democratically elected government of Lebanon, is in direct conflict with democratic reform.

Clearly, Ibrahim Kenaan and Ghassan Moukheiber, because of their party's affiliation with an arch-terrorist organization Hezbollah, do not merit an invitation to the Woodrow Wilson Center. Their invitation should therefore be withdrawn as it is not in the interest of Democracy in the Region and especially not in the interest of the United States.

We assume that the Center in general, its members, donors both public and private do not wish to be associated with an invitation to two politicians associated with a Terrorist group overseas.

For, and on the Behalf of the World Council for the Cedars Revolution.

John Hajjar, US Director
Eblan Farris, Director of Information
Tom Harb, Secretary General

World Council for the Cedars Revolution
WashDC # 202-657-5961