The National Council of the Cedars Revolution in Euorpe

Representing the hopes and aspirations of many millions of Lebanese throughout the Diaspora


Press release


7th of May 2007


European Parliament



The NCCR in Europe rejects meeting with terrorist Hizbollah allies “a Lebanese MPs delegation is in Europe this week”


The World Council for the Cedars Revolution is extremely disturbed at some of the European governments who freely allow terrorists and their allies and affiliates to enter Europe under the disguise of democratic processes. Such as the case with the proposed trip by members of the Michel Aoun group who are fully fledged allies of the sworn and classified terrorists Hezbollah.


Today and after the shameful alliance which Aoun has made with the number one terror network, the Hizballa organization, we as citizens of Europe call upon our respective governments to ensure that these terrorists and their allies are not given access to Europe where they can poison minds and expand their terror network on European soil. We cannot trust those who sell their people for very cheap goals.


In these days, General Michel Aoun is sending his deputies to Europe and Africa to tour around and get as much support as possible for his line with Hezballa. He is seeking Support from the Europeans and the Lebanese Diaspora.


We, the World Council for the Cedars Revolution (WCCR) in Europe, can assure Mr. Salim Aoun and Nabil Nqoula and Abbas Hashem that we refuse to meet with them unless they go back to the spirit of the Cedars revolution.


We in the WCCR Europe also urge all European political and diplomatic officials and organizations not to receive them because their message is clear and it is against the values of Europe and against Europe’s ambitions for a sovereign, independent and democratically free Lebanon.


We are with the spirit of life and living, as such we are against any terrorist affiliate who is lobbying for those who believe in suicide bombings. They are not our friends and do not represent the Lebanese people who emphatically demonstrated their will which we all saw in Beirut during the Cedars Revolution in 2005.



The National Council for the Cedars revolution in Europe

Roni Doumit

Elias Saouk