Open Letter from Toni Nissi, General coordinator of the committee for 1559. to His Beatitude Patriark Sfeir

October 31/07

Your Eminence Our Patriarch Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir

The Christian people of Lebanon are going through tough times now. We are in the middle of a crucial presidential election which will decide the destiny of the Cedars Revolution as well as the destiny and the free existence of the christians and their role in rebuilding Lebanon and shaping its future. The Christians’ role is fundamental in setting up the coexistence and in fulfilling the mission of Lebanon.
Your initiative came as a last resort to save what all Lebanon with its cultural and religious fabrics could lose not only if a new president is not elected but also if this election is not done as it should be.

Our father

This presidential election is a voting for one of the following two programs:

1- A plan put by Syria and Iran entitled: re occupation of Lebanon through the tutelage of hizbollah’s weaponry on the Lebanese decision. This tutelage will eventually lead to a settlement with the agents of the Syrian regime, the so called the “Opposition”.

2- A plan put forward by the slogans of the famous 14th of March people when more than 1.5 million Lebanese took down to the streets from all walks of life and from all the components of the Lebanese people. That day the Lebanese people launched the Cedars Revolution in face of the occupying forces and their agents, asking the immediate cease the Syrian tutelage, and demanding the return to Lebanon the “state”, Lebanon the “co-existence” and Lebanon “the mission”.

Therefore, the new president will be the one who can implement one of the above mentioned plans.

The president who will execute the first plan will: come as a settlement which will protect the illegal weapon of hizbollah, will preserve the military Palestinian presence in and outside the camps, will promote corruption in all corporations hence increasing the national debt, will keep oppressing the Christians in all private and public directorates and will finally bring back the Syrian tutelage on the Lebanese decisions in order to bring back the Syrians themselves.

As for the president of the second plan, he will: implement the international decisions for the sake of Lebanon, keep the international community interested to help Lebanon, put the arsenal in the hand of the Lebanese forces, find a solution to the

Palestinian camps, bring back equilibrium into all governmental organizations, delineate borders, return all occupied lands, put a fair and just election law, quarantine
Lebanon from the regional problems, finish the national debt, give a push to the economy up till we get a free, democratic and pluralistic Lebanon.

Therefore we call upon you today, to finish this initiative of yours so that this due event will be titled as: Election of the president of the Cedars Revolution against all odds and against those who do not want it. This is the free will of all the free Lebanese, of the International Community, of the Security Council who are obliged to help Lebanon achieve this election as part of their continuous war on terrorism. Who among the Christian leaders are effectively demanding that this obligation of the international community be executed? Why aren’t our Christian leaders asking for it?

Therefore, we put in your hands and in the Lebanese’, all the local and international capabilities of the committee, so that your initiative succeed and a new president is elected who can achieve the Cedars Revolution goals.

Toni Nissi
General coordinator of the committee for 1559.