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Media Release

Sydney Australia

Thursday 3rd August 2006


Syria continues to meddle in Lebanese affairs……………


In the most hectic time of recent history, becoming a spectator from the sidelines is hardly the preferred position of a Syrian regime reputed to be the world’s biggest exporter of terrorism, especially when the regional complexion is changing by each hour of every day.

Whether by design or otherwise, Syria cannot help itself, as it is up to its neck in the struggle for supremacy in reshaping the face, the culture and the image of life in the middle east, certainly for the present and undoubtedly for the foreseeable future.


Seething still, at the forceful and humiliating exit of its military personnel from Lebanon, Syria is anything but neighborly or conciliatory. After such a humbling and deflating experience at the hands of the people of Lebanon during the rise and march of the one and half million loyal Lebanese onto Liberty Square in their  Capitol, Beirut, to reclaim their dignity and independence from their ruthless occupiers. Syria cannot rest until it shows its anger to the world.


As identified by the United Nations Investigation Team, in a deliberate and carefully planned campaign, like a volcano reaching boiling point, the Syrian regime exploded, with a rush of blood to the head, orchestrated through its Lebanese puppets and executed its anger on the 14th of February 2005, assassinating  Former Prime Minister Hariri, Finance Minister Fleihan and 20 other people with them on the streets of Beirut.  


Syria’s insatiable appetite for destruction and killing could not be satisfied as it continued to hunt and assassinate the likes of freedom fighting journalist, Liberation hero and spokesman annahar newspaper general manager Gibran Tueini MP, his fellow journalist Samir Kassir and Political heavyweight George Hawi, followed quickly by the attempted assassination of media Icon May Chidiac.


Syria’s embarrassment at leaving Lebanon has created an even greater hatred for its foes in Lebanon and given it more impetus in planning to retaliate with its partner in crime, Iran, through their mutual love child Hezbollah.


Failing to adhere to UNSCR1559, Syria has breached its commitment to the international community by entering Lebanon on a daily basis through no less than 36 locations on the Lebanese/Syrian border. Syria authorizes its military and militias to enter Lebanon, build sand dunes for training and returns back to Syrian territory by daybreak the next morning. Syria has completely taken control of five to fifteen kilometers inside Lebanese territory along its borders to the degree that Lebanese farmers are unable to reach their farmland for their daily work.


The World Council for the Cedars Revolution (WCCR) has met UN Ambassador Terj Rod Larson and has written to UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, requesting urgently an international military force in conjunction with the Lebanese armed forces to be deployed along the Lebanese / Syrian border in order to protect Lebanon’s territorial integrity.

The WCCR expresses in the strongest possible terms its disapproval of the conflict in Southern Lebanon and deplores the loss of life on both sides of the conflict. Once again we call for the international military force to deploy along the Lebanese/Israeli border for the protection of the sovereignty of both nations.

The WCCR has already submitted a draft resolution to the UNSC calling for the forceful implementation of UNSCR1559.     


For and on behalf of the World Council for the Cedars Revolution


Joseph P Baini, President - Australia           Dr Walid Phares, Political Analyst and Advisor – USA


Tom Harb                               Committee for UNSCR1559 – USA

Dr Rachid Rahme                  Secretary General WCCR – Lebanon

Dr Anis Karam                       World President WLCU – USA

John Hajjar                             International Relations WCCR – USA

Claudia Chater                       Legal Advisor WCCR - Brazil

Roni Doumit                           Coordinator WCCR - Europe

Eblan Farris                            Communications Coordinator WCCR – USA

Joseph Saouk                         Board Member – Sweden

Toni Nissi                               Coordinator Committee for UNSC1559 – Lebanon

Fadi Bark                               Secretary General WLCU – USA

Kamal El Batal                       Human Rights Officer WCCR – Lebanon

Joseph Sokhen                       Committee for UNSCR1559 – Lebanon

George Chaya                        Media Coordinator Spanish America - Argentina