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Press release
Office of Counter Terrorism

Riots by Hezbollah and the Syrian-Iranian war room to paralyze Lebanon's institutions

Beirut, Cedarsnews, Jan 27, 2008

The Office of Counter Terrorism (OCT) of the WCCR, which monitors the Terror activities against the Cedars Revolution, Lebanon's civil society and the democratically elected Government in Lebanon has issued the following bulletin:

The incidents taking place in Beirut's suburbs as of Sunday afternoon (local time) are an attempt by Hezbollah and the Syrian-Iranian war room to paralyze Lebanon's institutions and break down communications inside the country. The ultimate objective of these incidents is to seize power in Lebanon and establish a Terror regime. Following are our observations:

1) Hezbollah and its various allies in southern Beirut, including Amal Movement have deployed in the neighborhoods of Shiyah and on the roofs of many buildings with weapons and sniper rifles as of Saturday evening. They have sent crowds of militants into the streets after having inserted armed elements among them. The so- called "protests" were manipulated by the Terror militia and were organized as Urban uprising.

2) The propaganda room of Hezbollah and its allies is disseminating a language to the Lebanese, Arab and international media, via their networks and operatives funded by Iranian Petro dollars to portray the events as "protests because of lack of electricity." The areas Hezbollah's militants are coming from have the same ratio of electricity than other areas in the capital. In addition Iranian-funded Hezbollah has enough generators to sustain electrical power for months. Some media, manipulated by Hezbollah propagandists, are using the terminology disseminated by the Iranian militia such as "protesters," and "opposition". The forces now operating in the southern suburbs are part of the Hezbollah highly trained militia. They have began firing at the Lebanese Army units and at civilians in these area.

3) These aggressions against the Lebanese Army and civilians are part of the Terror war waged by the Syrian-Iranian axis and Hezbollah for months. They came after the assassination of a number of members of Parliament, Brigadier General Hajj of the Lebanese Army and Commander Eid of the Lebanese Police. The Office of Counter Terrorism at the WCCR warn from an expansion of the Hezbollah operations into Beirut International Airport, downtown Beirut and other important Government and civilian centers.

4) The Office of Counter Terrorism will continue to monitor the situation and urge the Lebanese Government, the Lebanese Army, the Lebanese Police and the forces of civil society to remain vigilant.

Office of Counter Terrorism
Ret Col. Charbel Barakat