The World Council of the Cedars Revolution
Representing the hopes and aspirations of the great majority of
the many millions of Lebanese throughout the Diaspora

Monday 28th August 2006
Honorable Fouad Siniora
Prime Minister of Lebanon
Parliament House
Beirut -Lebanon

Dear Prime Minister,
The success of any mission is an incidence of the excellence of planning and execution in the endeavor of achievement of the objectives. It is never an accident, but rather an achievement by design and direct action plans. 
Lebanonís Sovereignty, Independence and Democratic Rights and Freedoms are not some cheap commodities which should be begged or bargained for in a Syrian, Israeli or any other market place. Nor should the enjoyment by the great people of Lebanon of such priceless privileges, be at the mercy of Iran, Hezbollah or any other armed Terrorist militia.   
It is a God given right to the people of Lebanon to enjoy self determination in peace and harmony; and it is the Lebanese Governmentís responsibility to provide the protection for and ensure the preservation of these rights and privileges at any cost.
For far too long, the people of Lebanon have endured corrupt governments who rob the treasury blind and have brought the Lebanese economy and financial sector to their knees.
For far too long, the government of Lebanon has allowed Lebanonís greatest assets to dwindle and disappear before our very eyes through enforced migration of our youths.
For far too long, subsequent Lebanese governments have employed the Begging formula of other nations to the rescue of whatever we need.
For far too long we have claimed being victimized by neighbors, terrorist organizations and extremists operating on our sacred soil.
The World Council of the Cedars Revolution (WCCR) hereby expresses in the strongest possible terms that the time has come for the duly elected government of the day to become honest with its people. That means you and your government and the time is now.
- It is time that you start lifting your head high and look your people straight in the eye.
- It is time that you begin to commit your government to govern with dignity and honor for the benefit of the people.
- It is time to begin to treat and protect all people equally, under the rule of law, regardless of their  political or religious persuasion, providing they are all loyal exclusively to Lebanon.
- It is time to educate the people of their responsibilities towards building a nation.
- It is time to develop military capabilities by Air, by Sea and by Land for the protection of Lebanonís territorial integrity.
- It is time to disarm all militias and that includes Hezbollah; and to claim complete control of all the Lebanese territories; and that includes the Palestinian Camps.
- It is time to deploy the Lebanese Military and the International Forces along the Syria/Lebanon border and the Israel/Lebanon border.
- It is time that you begin to convert negative and destructive attitudes and activities into positive and productive action plans for the redevelopment of a more effective and prosperous Lebanon with a strong conviction about a healthier future.
Lebanon will never again have a more justifiable need and opportunity for an international military capability to provide you and your government with complete control of your territory whilst you are redeveloping a new and stronger defense force for Lebanon; and while you are cementing your absolute authority as a sovereign nation, in accordance with the Constitution, the Rule of Law and the Charter of Human Rights.
You presently have the entire world at your discretion, please do not squander this priceless opportunity. History will not forgive any failure from here on.
The World Council of the Cedars Revolution has the capacity to reach out to many of the worldís developed and industrialized nations. In the effective planning and execution of the above programs and others, we stand ready to act as a support mechanism for your government and the for the benefit of the great people of our beloved homeland Lebanon.
Looking forward to your reply.
For and on behalf of the World Council of the Cedars Revolution  
Yours faithfully

Joseph P Baini                       President                                                                                Australia

Dr Rachid Rahme                  Secretary General                                                                 Lebanon

Eng. Tom Harb                       International Committee UNSCR 1559                               USA

Col. Charbel Barakat            Intelligence and Security Director                                        Canada

Eng. Toni Nissi                       UNSCR 1559 Coordinator                                                   Lebanon         

Dr Anis Karam                       President World Lebanese Cultural Union WLCU  USA

Eng. Fadi Bark                       Secretary General World Lebanese Cultural Union            USA

Attorney John Hajjar Chairman International Relations WLCU                            USA

Attorney Claudia Chater       Legal Advisor UNSCR 1559                                                            Brazil

Attorney Joanne Fakhre       President North American Continent WLCU                       USA

Kamal El Batal                       WCCR Human Rights Officer                                              Lebanon

Joseph Saouk                         WCCR  Officer                                                                      Sweden

Roni Doumit                           WCCR Coordinator                                                               Europe

Joseph Sokhen                       UNSCR 1559 Officer                                                                        Lebanon

George Chaya                        Media Coordinator, UNSCR 1559 Officer                          Argentina

Snr Eng. Eblan Farris            WCCR Communications Director                                        USA

Sami Khoury                          Former Consul General of Lebanon                         Equador