The World Council of the Cedars Revolution

Representing the hopes and aspirations of the great majority of the many millions of Lebanese throughout the Diaspora



Sunday 14th August 2006 

Sydney Australia


H.E. Kofi Annan

Secretary General

United Nations

New York N.Y.



Re – United Nations Security Council Resolution 1701


In consideration of your commitment and persistence towards achieving a mutually beneficial resolution for the Lebanese and the Israeli governments, a task not to be taken lightly, given the hostilities of the past month, the World Council of the Cedars Revolution takes this opportunity to convey to you and your executive, our most sincere commendations on reaching this final stage of difficult negotiations in the drafting of what could become the most important resolution in the history of the United Nations Security Council Middle East experience.


We acknowledge the determination and perseverance of France and the United States for their tireless and endless pursuit of a resolution that would provide an immediate end to hostilities and ensure a sustainable ceasefire as well as the platform for lasting peace and cooperation between the two nations. We extend our deepest gratitude to all members of the United Nations Security Council for their unanimous support of this resolution.


In order for this resolution to be successful, the World Council for the Cedars Revolution wishes to articulate most emphatically that the International Peace Keeping Force must have the power, the capacity and  the preparedness to implement fully all the terms and conditions of UNSCR 1559 and 1680. All terrorist militias including Hezbollah, armed Palestinians inside and outside their camps, Islamic Jihad, Islamic Fundamentalists and Hamas must surrender their arms immediately to the International Peace Keeping Force. Failure to achieve the full implementation of UNSCR 1559 will only enable Hezbollah and others to regain arms and renew hostilities in the not too distant future.

Equally essential is the full implementation of 1680, in order to prevent the treacherous desire and inclinations of Syria to continue meddling in Lebanese affairs and supplying arms to terrorist militias in Lebanon. 


Your Excellency, you have made great inroads in your bringing the negotiations to this stage, but this is just the beginning of the real task before us all. The UNSC must employ a relentless determination in driving this resolution towards achieving its ultimate objective and success for the benefit of Lebanon, Israel and the whole region.


Wishing you and the United Nations Security Council every success




The World Council of the Cedars Revolution


Joseph P Baini                       (President –Australia)           

Dr Rachid Rahme                  (Secretary General Lebanon)

Eng. Tom Harb                       (International Committee UNSCR1559-USA)

Col. Charbel Baraket            (Board Member WLCU-Canada)

Attorney John Hajjar (International Relations-USA)

Attorney Claudia Chater       (Legal Advisor-Brazil)

Attorney Joanne Fakher       (Coordinator – Caribbean)  

Eng. Toni Nissi                       (Coordinator UNSCR1559-Lebanon)

Joseph Saouk                         (Coordinator WCCR- Sweden)

George Chaya                        (Media WCCR & Committee UNSCR1559-Argentina)

Roni Doumit                           (Coordinator WCCR-Europe)

Dr Anis Karam                       (President, World Lebanese Cultural Union WLCU-USA)

Eng. Fadi Bark                       (Secretary General, World Lebanese Cultural Union WLCU-USA)

Sr Eng. Eblan Farris              (Communications Director-USA)

Kamal El Batal                       (WCCR Human Rights-Lebanon)

Joseph Sokhen                       (Board Member – Lebanon)

Sami El Khoury                      (Former Consul General of Lebanon/Past President WLCU-Equador)