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April 14, 2009

H.E. Mr. Maged A. Abdelaziz
The Arab Republic of Egypt to the United Nations
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RE: Hezballah threat to Egyptian Security

Dear Ambassador Abdelaziz,
The International Lebanese Committee for UNSCR 1559 fully supports the efforts of your government to bring justice to terrorists unleashed on Egyptian territory who have threatened to wreak havoc and destabilize the authority of the state. As they have done in Lebanon, so to will be the fate of Egypt in the absence of strong state action.

The ILC for 1559 was created by Lebanese nationals and those in the Lebanese Diaspora to assist the United Nations in the full implementation of UNSCR 1559 so that the Lebanese state can regain its monopoly over the use of force. No state can survive with armed militias and terrorist groups operating outside the rule of law and the control of the state. Such has been the situation in Lebanon over the past twenty-five years with Hezbollah and other armed militias. As Hezbollah has proclaimed in its charter a pan- Islamic call to Jihad sponsored and financed by Iran, other neighboring states such as Egypt are clearly within its sights.

The strong action of Egyptian government in apprehending these Hezbollah operatives sends a strong message of deterrence to its leadership and to all in the region that Egypt will not be drawn into the chaos of terrorism. The ILC for 1559 will follow up with the Secretary General, Mr. Ban Ki Moon on this matter by and stands ready to assist your office in any way possible. Until Hezbollah is disarmed and reintegrated into Lebanese society as no more than a political organization that rejects violence it will threaten the safety and security of the whole of the Arab World and beyond.
Tom Harb,
Secretary General

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