Image6.gif (30134 bytes)We heard it ten years ago

By: Colonel Fayez Karam

(Free translation by: Elias Bejjani)

In 1990, His Excellency PM, General Michel Aoun stood tall like the cedars of Lebanon and told the Lebanese people openly, simply and courageously that the “Taef Accord” is not the solution for their problems. He cautioned from dragging the nation into others expansionism ambitions, grudges and opportunistic conflicts. He also cautioned the “Taef Accord” will lead ultimately for the destruction of all governmental institutions, principles, ethical codes, the people’s right in their own country and will shake badly the dignity of national affiliation.

Ten years later we hear clergymen; politicians, journalists and dignitaries repeat Aoun’s cautions and focus on Lebanon’s unpredictable fate under the current occupational-puppet reign. The main difference between today and ten years ago lies in the fact that Lebanon is currently in hell and that rhetoric statements and fake decries serve no purpose. All these warnings mean simply that those who utter them recognize fully the misery, pain, slavery and confusion status prevailing since 1990, but surprisingly still cajole and falter the Syrian occupier.

These decries are a delayed recognition for General Aoun’s cautions in 1990,
A plain recognition the officials’ have committed a horrible crime by abandoning the Lebanese right in a dignified life,
A recognition officials have abandoned the Lebanese legitimate right in a free independent nation. A nation that was founded 6000 years ago by our great grandfathers’ resistance, sacrifices, faith and struggle,
A recognition collaborating officials and politicians have betrayed their people and accepted an accord that does not serve Lebanon’s interests,
A recognition, Lebanese-Syrian-installed officials and leaders have abandoned the ambitions and dreams of the Lebanese and betrayed the future of the coming generations.

All these on going rhetoric cautioning stances uttered by collaborators humiliates the Lebanese patriotism and underestimates their intelligence. These mockery stances are illustrated in a popular Lebanese proverb that says: “ When I am drawing, why should I worry if my cloth would become wet or not?”

Because of the "Taef Accord":
Lebanon has become an occupied country and lost its free decision making process,
Lebanon’s demography was destroyed, its history eradicated and its identity forged.

Because of the "Taef Accord":The Lebanese citizen is loosing every thing and drawing in the occupation mud,
His money is stolen, His job is given to foreigners, forced to immigrate,
His identity sold in auctions,
His property confiscated,
His blood shed,
His dignity humiliated,
His human rights infringed on,
His freedom muffled,
His future mortgaged.

The Lebanese is a victim of his officials and leaders because the installed regime is a mask for the collaborator’s thievery, treason, embezzlement and all Mafia-like activities,
The Lebanese is a victim of his regime because his fate is unknown, his future is mortgaged and his choices forged,
The Lebanese is a victim of his regime because criteria for right and wrong have been confused. Criminals are tagged as heroes and patriots as traitors,

The Lebanese are victims of their installed officials who are like robots, alienated and imprisoned in the mud of their treason.
The Lebanese are victims for their officials who made out of the oath, anthem and patriotism empty rhetoric slogans,
The Lebanese are victims of a regime whose main mandate is to cajole and flatter the occupier.
Is Lebanon witnessing a stage of peace or a stage of silence and tranquility?
Is it a stage manipulated by Syrian bothers and Israeli enemy’s’ coalition?
Is it a stage fully dominated by a stumbled Israel-Syrian negotiation process through which Lebanon is used by both countries as an arena for their dirty wars and maneuvers?
Are our officials and leaders waiting to take courageous patriotic stances? If so, waiting for what and till when?
Are our officials aware they are selling Lebanon, betraying its people, destroying its sovereignty and eradicating it from the Middle East map?

Beirut regime’s puppet officials have abandoned Lebanon’s right and legitimacy in the Middle East Peace negotiation process. They have mortgaged Lebanon’s options, choices and free will in a bid to protect Syria’s interests. Their decisions are merely dictated on them by Syria who appoints, reprimands, promotes, imprisons and fires them according to Syrian needs. They priorise Syria’s interests blindly on those of Lebanon and with no shame.

These mercenary officials are like robots execute with no conscience exactly what their masters order them to do. All that appeals to their sick minds is the official status and the individual gains come with it. They ignore the fact that authentic leadership is honesty, integrity, devotion, loyalty, benevolence, courage and intelligence… they do not possess any of these traits.

We declare openly and loudly the current Lebanese Syrian-installed officials, politicians and dignitaries do not represent the Lebanese ambitions, hopes, aspirations or choices. They represent the Syrian occupier who installed them. Ten years after the “Taef Accord” was imposed on our country, we reiterate our patriotic stance and loudly say: We did not recognize this accord in 1989, and still we do not have any rational to change our stance. The “Taef Accord was a venomous recipe forced into our throats to kill us. We refuse to die, we refuse to surrender, we refuse to sell our country, we refuse the "Taef imposed status quo.

The only act that changes our opposing is the withdrawal of all foreign troops from our beloved country and a democratic, secular, free system in which the dignity of each and every Lebanese is honored and all freedoms guaranteed.
Long Live Free Lebanon