October 13,1990 Crimes
By: General Michel Aoun
(Free translation by: Elias Bejjani)

On October 13th every year, patriotic Lebanese get together wherever they live to solemnize the memory of Lebanon's beloved martyrs who offered their lives on the battlefield of honor. They sacrificed themselves defending their people’s dignity and their country’s sovereignty and independence. With the commemoration we envisage in our minds, souls and hearts, the martyrs holy faces and we sense their presence among us. With them we live the actual meaning of the event and renew our covenants and the promise to follow in their steps and to keep the liberation torch lit till Lebanon is free from of foreign troops. These troops have occupied our land, disturbed our stability, ransacked our national resources, confiscated our decision making process, made us strangers in our own country and enslaved our people. The occupation has installed a group of mercenary Lebanese politicians assigned to execute their atrocities and cover their criminal acts

Nine years have passed and the Syrian regime is still trying to erase the October 13th event from the Lebanese memory. Its devious, innovative mind lead its dictator last year on October 13th, to ratify the Lebanese constitution and appoint a puppet Lebanese President ready to hand over what is left of the country. He also frequently orchestrates circus-like events in a bid to make the Lebanese forget the crimes committed against them on October 13/1990. On that day Syrian invading troops after an official truce was declared, massacred innocent Lebanese civilians and soldiers in the towns of Bsous, Daher El-Wahesh, Daier El-Kalaa, and Telet Tomrouz. Hundreds were brutally arrested as well and transferred to Syria. The whereabouts and fate of most of them is still unknown.

All the Syrian crimes against the Lebanese were not committed on the battlefield, but definitely after the truce was officially declared. All Syrian, Lebanese and international law condemns such crimes. The Lebanese-Syrian installed President at that time turned a blind eye on all these horrible crimes and did not order any kind of investigation. Instead, he paid an official visit to Damascus to honor the invaders’ martyrs and laid a wrath of flowers at their military cemetery. He betrayed the Lebanese martyrs who gave their lives defending Lebanon's military oath and honor.

The Lebanese Army Commander committed the same crime when he started his leadership at the Yarzie Defense Ministry headquarters. He turned a blind eye on the crime of assassinating his soldiers and shedding their blood, although. he is legally responsible for their protection and safety. This same Army commander who became the president 10 months ago is currently committing the same atrocity by turning a blind eye on kidnapping Lebanese citizens to Syria and detaining them illegally there.

It is our patriotic duty and obligation at this period of time to keep the Lebanese national memory alive, and to document all facts relevant to every event and incident. We have to remember very well that the majority of the installed officials have committed most of the crimes against the Lebanese people and their country. These puppet officials who are now in power are doing their best to forge history, hide the crimes and even deny them completely by alleging they were loses that occurred during the battles.

On this occasion we question the fact that international troops are digging graves in search of corpses buried in Bosnia and Korsovo and not providing any help to hundreds of Lebanese detainees buried alive in the notorious Nazi-like Syrian jails. We also wonder if criteria and standards for human rights differ according to a country’s magnitude of interests and if they shrink or get bigger based on a country’s needs and interests.

We shall remain the conscience and the eye that chases after Cain and his allies, we will keep reminding the whole world that crimes inflicted on Lebanon and the Lebanese are committed by those powers entrusted to restore security in Lebanon.
Long Live Free Lebanon.