Image6.gif (30134 bytes)13 October an unforgettable day

By: Elias Bejjani

The Day of October 13/1999 has entered Lebanon’s history to become a pivotal Lebanese epoch. Since that date, and with every year passes the Lebanese become more and more confident that Aoun’s two year official era (between 1988-1990), was a decisive road-cross for them and that all Aoun’s stances were patriotic, wise, authentic and pure Lebanese.

On October 13/1990, Syrian invading Army and Lebanese traitors and collaborators with blessings from Israel and the USA were able to oust General Michel Aoun’s legitimate government. Since that day Lebanon has been going from bad to worse almost on every day basis on all levels and in all fields. The Syrian occupation is dragging Lebanon and its people into stony ages of awkwardness, ignorance and darkness.

The Lebanese regime installed by the Syrians since 1990 is a puppet one that has no conscience, no national affiliation, no honor, no dignity and no respect to the Lebanese identity, culture history or traditions. The officials of the regime have burdened the country with huge foreign debts, forced the Lebanese to immigrate, displaced those who remained, forged elections, tied the fate of the South and Bekaa to that of the Israeli-occupied Syrian Golan Heights, denied the Lebanese Diaspora its right in the citizenship, persecuted the patriots, sent in exile the legitimate leaders, helped the occupier to destroy Lebanon demography, identity and history, imposed Arabism on the Lebanese and sold every thing the people owns to the Syrians and other foreigners.

Many lies have been spread about the Aoun two-year golden era, and many facts have been forged in a bid to wipe it out from the people’s memory. All these vicious attempts have failed and Aoun’s era still alive in the conscience and minds of all the Lebanese patriots. Aoun’s phenomenon is not easy to be forgotten it was a heavenly gift the Lebanese longed for a long time ago. All the Lebanese who believe in Lebanon’s right in independence, dignity, freedom, democracy, distinguishable identity, history and roots supported General Aoun and advocated for his national stances…They still do despite the persecution and oppression they are exposed to.

History will defame and curse all those who betrayed their own people and country on October 13/1999. History at the same time will speak with pride and glory about General Michel Aoun, the hero who tried to save his country and was able to unite the people and the army behind his liberation quest. History also will document with letter of gold the names of martyrs who willingly and happily sacrificed themselves on Lebanon’s alter. The people of great Lebanon under the Leadership of General Aoun struggled bravely to protect their country, the 10452-km square area, and its honor. They fought with no fear and proved to the whole world that they did not abandon their rights in face of the Syrian invader that ousted by force Aoun’s legitimate government and occupied their free country.

Nine years after the 13th of October massacre, the majority of the Lebanese are still loyal to General Aoun’s stances. They are longing to see the country free from all occupation troops and from appointed treacherous officials. The people who support Aoun’s leadership are still carrying on the torch of liberation that will not be extinguished before Lebanon reclaims its dependence, free decision making process, dignity, sovereignty and freedom. These patriots will know no rest before they put into power an elected government that fights for Lebanon and its people, not for Syria and the Syrian Golan Heights.

It is a fact the Lebanese people have lost a battle on October 13/1990. Yes they were persecuted, displaced, forced into exile, hope, faith and determination for struggle. By God’s will Victory will come and the Lebanese will be triumphant … losing a battle does not mean the war is lost.

On the commemoration of this day we call again and again on the United Nations, Red Cross, Human Rights’ international organizations and the free world to help in the release of hundreds of innocent Lebanese citizens detained arbitrarily in the Syrian notorious Nazi-Like jails. These detainees are deprived from any just trial, their whereabouts is not officially known and the Red Cross is not allowed to visit them. Some of these victims have spent 18 years in detention under inhumane conditions. The Lebanese regime has abandoned them and maintains a blind eye on their case. These unfortunate detainees are politicians, clergymen, women and lay citizens whose only crime is their opposition to the Syrian occupation.

The people of Lebanon renew loudly the pledge to fight for the 10452-km square Lebanon that is too small to be divided and too big to be swallowed. Defeat, humiliation and disgrace will be the end of every occupier deluded by his sick mind that Lebanon could be tamed and made a subservient…History shall repeat itself again and again.

On this day we call on the Lebanese who are collaborating with the occupation,
On those who have lost hope and self-confidence,
On those who are taking no stance,
On every Lebanese whose faith is weakened,
On every Lebanese whose vision national vision is blurred,
On every Lebanese who is not struggling for liberation,

We call on all of them to join forces and struggle together to reclaim Lebanon’s sovereignty and force all foreign troops to withdraw from Lebanon. We call on them to stand tall as their holy Cedars.
Long Live Free Lebanon.