From Grandfather to Grandson,
By: Michel Raphael

After splitting the cake between the two colonial powers, the SYKES - PICOT agreement inflicted on the people of the Middle East regional additional grievances to the ones inherited from the Ottoman colonial era. Mini wars took place: just to name a few, The MEISALOUN battle was the result of the "Amir" Faissal conducting his own war , the persecuted Armenians were left without a permanent solution .The sole motivation of the British was the Black Gold of the area.They succeeded in the second part of the 19th century to create the so called ARAB NATIONALISM in order to fight with the local tribal chiefs the ailing Turkish Empire. The Ottoman colonialism came to an end to be only replaced by the British sponsored Arab Nationalism. Just for the record, let us not forget Uncle Sam's policy in the early eighties as regards Islamic Fundamentalism ; It was this specific tool that Uncle Sam chose to counter "Atheist" communism expansion into Afghanistan.

Let us not forget that the France's stand at the SYKES PICOT accord was widely dominated by the leftists. To be a rightist at the time was shameful to such an extent that the rulers completely forgot LA QUESTION D'ORIENT; namely the oppressed Christian people as well as other minority groups of the Meadle East. by the behavior of the Arab nationalists . Therefore, the KURDS ,ASSYRIENS , CHALDEENS, ARMENIANS , COPTES , DRUZES,   ALAWITES, MARONITES and other ETHNIC MINORITIES had to accept the new "Status Quo" .By year 1933 France tried to repair the damage it did with SYKES PICOT .The famous CONGRES DE VERSAILLES was convened . It was an outright failure.
The Alawites were among the attendees of the CONGRES DE VERSAILLES , and Bashar Assad's grand father was a member of the Alawite delegation .

At that time, FRANCE was overwhelmed with the war in Spain and the next door GERMAN UBER ALLES war. In order to gain the favors of the new rulers of TURKEY, France did not only object to ASSAD 's grand father a recognition of an independent state, but it also gave back to TURKEY the province of ANTAKIA .  ANTAKIA WAS IN THE EARLY DAYS OF CHRISTIANITY A SORT OF VATICAN FOR LOCAL CHURCHES .This explains why until this date numerous Churches' Patriarchs still carry the tittle of PATRIARCH OF ANTAKIA AND ALL THE LEVANT .)

After failing to reclaim his own country, ASSAD's grandfather tried very hard to regain for the Alawites the mountains of what was already known as L'ETAT DU GRAND LIBAN.    ASSAD's grand father tried negotiating his needs with Bkerki, but the Sunni community put a veto to his idea attempts that were unmilitary aborted. During the sixties ,ASSAD's son succeeded in liberating his Alawite community from the Arab occupation and became the undisputed Ruler of Damascus.

His first act while in power was to support OJALAN's PKK against the Turks. He was hoping to put pressure on the Turks and reclaim his "usurped" ANTAKIA . He did underestimate the Turks. Ankara gave him an ultimatum to close the PKK camps in the Bekaa Valley and backed its threat with a mobilization of its troops along the border with Syria. Assad was forced succumb and respond the Turkish request. No questions asked.

ASSAD's son Hafez, looked towards LEBANON . It was a much easier prey . All he needed to do was to play the arsonist and then the fireman's role. He managed this role pretty well from 1976 onwards. Assad LIBERATED LEBANON from the Lebanese, and he is still entrenched there with his SON BASHAR . They are in charge.

Here are some reminders:
ASSAD's son cashed 2 billion US$ in 1978 from his neighbor SADDAM for refusing to join ANWAR SADAT at Camp David one .
In 1981 ASSAD's son became anti SADDAM and the only Arab leader to become pro Khomeini . He disrupted the Iraqi pipeline . the Result :loss of billions of dollars per years for SADDAM.

ASSAD's son without signing a peace agreement with Israel has implemented tacitly a full peace with the"enemy" since 1973 on the Israeli occupied Golan heights. ASSAD's son tried to get rid of ARAFAT by creating first the famous SAIKA and then the other famous ABOU MOUSSA Palestinian factions . That was in the 1970s long time before Sharon tried to get rid of Arafat. ASSAD's son declared the BAATH party regional headquarters in Damascus the real party and MICHEL AFLAK's Baath party in Baghdad the fake one. The same story is repeating itself and the same tactics are used by ASSAD's Grandson with the Lebanese Phalange Party.
ASSAD's GRANDSON is betraying his father and grand father.

His grandfather has dealt with BKERKI and not with the MOKADAMS like the Mamelouks did and then vanished. His father was very keen on learning from history but he learned nothing.

Before ASSAD's GRANDSON the OMMAYADES , ABBASSIDES, MAMELOUKS OTTOMANS, AND EVEN MODERN USURPERS LIKE NASSER OR ARAFAT all tried to dominate our country Lebanon but they all were vanquished and they all have vanished. Lebanon is still standing and it will always stand tall like its holy Cedars.

ASSAD's GRAND SON is deluding himself .

THE ASSAD CLAN have proved to be very clever so far, but we have a saying in Lebanon that goes like this: "The mistake of the smart is worth thousand mistakes.

Long Live Freedom