Dear Uncle Sam

Due to the scale of the tragedy, the whole world had a painful SHOCK.What a start for the 21th century.!!! Things will never be the same after September 11. Then came the famous slogan: EITHER YOU ARE WITH US OR AGAINST US . The whole world was with my dear Uncle Sam , the Arabs were indecisive.As a matter of fact for the first time in modern history we were witnessing the USA, RUSSIA, CHINA, INDIA The UK AND EUROPE having to face exactly the same PROBLEM as we in Lebanon have been facing for the last 1400 years: Arab Terrorism.

The subject of these lines is not ancient history, everybody is aware of the barbaric behavior of Arabs, ever since the year 627 when they burned Alexandria and its famous library, and now the destruction of the twin tower and the loss of innocent lives ,the history of the Arabs has been tainted with barbaric terror. Celebrating today your 227 years I wish you first, many happy returns and GOD BLESS you dear Uncle Sam . You are not to be blamed for ignoring history .After all you are still a young Nation. May I ask you,dear Uncle Sam, ARE YOU WITH OR AGAINST THIS TERRORISM?

During the last 50 years you have been continuously creating around you a great confusion even among your closest friends and allies . You were already 180 years old (in the year 1957) and you were already very strong and powerful . That year, Anthony Eden , Guy Mollet ,and Ben Gourioun were conducting a preventive war against the father of modern terrorism:GAMAL ABDELNASER . YOU REFUSED TO COOPERATE IN TOPPLING HIM FROM POWER.

The end result : Gamal Abdelnasser became for the Arabs not only a hero but an example to be followed. As a matter of fact a bunch of dictators showed up on the M.E.scene : Take Iraq for instance, 6 different despots changed seats through physical eliminations .The first being Abdelkarim kassem and the last Saddam Hussein.In Libya there was Qaddafi who used to be dubbed the "Madman" of Libya. In Syria, Hafez el Assad came to power through a coup, the sixth in a decade. The regimes of Soudan, Iran, Algeria,Yemen, fell one after the other and we lost counts of the number of coups that occurred all over the Middle East. The instigators were copying the Dictator you have refused to remove in the year 1957 .

DEAR UNCLE SAM please tell me are you with the Kurds or with the Turks or vice versa . You supported Saddam for 10 years against Khomeini, then all of a sudden you made a U turn . Saddam became EVIL. If Saddam succeeded in liberating your hostages in the 80's he would have been a Hero. And, who knows, may be if he succeeded in liberating not only Kuwait but also Saudi Arabia from the most fundamentalist rulers on this planet:
The SAUDI WAHABIST RULERS I am sure THE TWIN TOWER would have still be graciously standing in the sky of Manhattan (the wahhaby doctrine implemented in the 14th century by IBN TAYMIYAH allowed political assassinations).TO CLEAN THE M.E FROM THE ARABICUS TERRORICUS ONLY A TREATMENT A LA SADDAMICUS IS EFFECTIVE.

DEAR UNCLE SAM for more than 30 years you have been turning a blind eye on Terror in Lebanon . Terror is terror be it the product of Arafat or the Syrian occupiers. By ignoring completely the defenseless resistance of the peace loving Lebanese who have been confronting  the invasion of GONOCUCUS ARABICUS , you are tacitly encouraging the ambition of Ben Laden to become the next NOBEL PEACE PRICE winner. Why not ? after all, Arafat got one.The Arab American association may be already lobbying for him.

MY DEAR UNCLE SAM ,on your dollar bills you have printed IN GOD WE TRUST may be it should be read IN GOLD WE TRUST. ( I meant black gold : OIL). Didn't you risk the life of your boys and girls in the Gulf war to save the neck of the ugliest of today's rulers?

DEAR UNCLE SAM my last question has nothing to do with the Middle East . It concerns The former YUGOSLAVIA . During the two world wars the Serbs were the allies of the free world . Why did you allow the free world to let them down to the point of total destruction ?after all,didn't Tito turn his back to Stalin and looked to the other side of the iron curtain ? or you could be engineering another Afghanistan in the heart of Europe?.