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May 24/2000
The CLHRF shares with the Lebanese people their mixed feelings about the latest unfolding developments in South Lebanon:
1-We share cautiously the jubilation prompted by the withdrawal of the Israeli army from South Lebanon. This withdrawal was not conducted in coordination with the UN as stipulated by the Security Council Resolutions 425 and 426. The UN should have been given enough time to develop a plan jointly with Israel and Lebanon, and then deploy gradually its forces in the villages and towns vacated by Israeli troops as a prelude to the restoration of the Lebanese sovereignty, and as a foremost security guarantee for the local population.
2-We share the joy of the returnees, but we are concerned about the exodus of the thousands of families who escorted reluctantly the retreating SLA personnel fearing for their safety in the absence of the UNIFIL protection.
3-We acclaim the release of all prisoners that were held in the "Khiam detention center" (South Lebanon). At the same time we call on the UN, Red Cross, Arab League and all Free World Countries to pressure Syria in a bid to immediately release the hundreds of innocent Lebanese citizens arbitrarily detained in its notorious jails.
4-We share the uncertainty entailed in the vacuum created by this hasty erratic retreat. A responsible Lebanese government would have sent its security forces and its army before and with the returnees rather than watching from far away the old Libyan phenomenon of the unpredictable "Jamahiria Masses" evolving on the ground. It's the duty of a responsible Lebanese government to take the SLA surrendering members into custody and not to leave the guerrillas assume this task.
5-We share a suspicion that Israel has struck recently a secret deal with Syria sealed with mutual guarantees. This is the only logical explanation for the unilateral Israeli stealthy withdrawal that breached the terms of the UN 425 and 426 Resolutions. Most probably soon an agreement might be unveiled.
6-We urge the UN to fulfil its obligations and implement Resolutions 425, 426 and 520. We call on the UN to help the People of Lebanon recover their Civil, Political, Economical, Social and Cultural Rights. Assuming these rights will enable Lebanon to regain its freedom, sovereignty and independence.
7-We believe that making Lebanon a safe, secure and prosperous country is a collective international responsibility. This is the only recipe that heals the wounds of its people who endured a long Calvary.
Vice President
Hamid Aouad