January 10,2003

Canadian for Lebanon 10452 km2 statement responding to Lebanon's Ambassador to Canada, His excellency Raymond beyaklani in regard to an interview with Muhammad Jimaa from Sada Al Mashrik at 12/31/2000.

We at Canadian for Lebanon will like to express our deeply regret to what His Excellency had said in his interview, We will like to put a note on some issues and have clearance on others.

1st: On the interview, we were wondering if his excellency was speaking on behalf of a free Lebanese Nation called Lebanon or a known terrorist group called Hizb Allah founded and supported by Syria and Iran to form an Islamic nation in south Lebanon with an international scope for terror.

We at Canadian for Lebanon will like to inform his Excellency that the majority of the Canadian-Lebanese are supportive Canada’s decision to band Groups, and Governments that support, harbor and finance terrorism.

2nd: His Excellency said there is no organization called Hazb Allah in Canada, no so called sleeper terror belong to this organization; and if that is true what makes the Lebanese Government so paranoid about Canada’s band to this group, and why His Excellency is degrading Canadian-Lebanese for standing and supporting Canada’s decision to band this group. We would like to stress that any act or violence against Canadians in Lebanon will only strength our will to fight terrorism.

Mr. Ambassador, we are Canadians, descendents of a people that built Byblos, Tripoli, Tyre and Sidon and now we are here to help and build this nation that welcomed us and offered us Freedom and Protection, when our Government in Lebanon the one that you are representing failed to do, so the real Citizens of that Great nation. Your Excellency we are proud of our origin upon which God laid his gracious hand and blessed our cedars and raised his messengers.

And finally we demand a formal apology to our Host nation Canada. And we ask you to work on the UN. 520 RESOLUTION so the Lebanese aboard will have a chance to live in free Lebanon.

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