Press releases & reports related to Dr. Mugraby's case
Dr.Mugraby's case: Statement by Dr. Willem van Manen on behalf of the Dutch Foundation Lawyers for Lawyers 20.4.06
Statement by Dr. Leo Spigt on behalf of the European defense team of Dr. Muhamad Mugraby18.4.06
High Military Court in Lebanon Declares Lack of Jurisdiction & drops all charges against Dr. Mugraby -16.4.06
700,000 European lawyers declare, through CCBE, their support for Dr. Mugraby & Delegation of Dutch Lawyers to attend his trial before Military Court. 15.4.06
ICJ to observe Mugraby trial at millitary courtA joint Statement by Amnesty International and ARTICLE 19 expresses serious concern over prosecution of human rights lawyer Dr. Muhamad Mugraby-14.4.06
Reacting to a Military Court Ruling against Him,Mugraby Calls for Securing the Fundamental Rights of the Lebanese to Knowledge, Justice and Freedom of Expression 28.3.06
Dr. Muhamad Mugraby's Press Conference 23/03/06
redbul.gif (925 bytes)A Release from the Center for Democracy & the Rule of Law:  Lebanon's Military Tibunal declares itself competent to try Dr. Mugraby for his testimony before the European Parliament, defying treaty obligations and Article 19 human rights-21.3.06
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Free Muhamad Mugraby. BY CLAUDIA ROSETT -Option Journal 3.11.05
redbul.gif (925 bytes)CDRL Calls for Broad Elections Reform in Lebanon (E) 6.9.04
redbul.gif (925 bytes)CDRL" CDRL: More Urgently Needed Constitutional Reforms Have Priority Over proposed Constitutional Amendment to Extend Lahoudís Term (E) 26.8.04
redbul.gif (925 bytes)The International Commission of Jurists' Centre for the Independence of Judges and Lawyers (ICJ/CIJL): Dr. Mughraby, A Lebanese Human
Rights Lawyer did not get a fair trial E).4.12.03   PDF formate
redbul.gif (925 bytes)A memo to all civilized nations and human rights organizations about the violation of human rights in Lebanese prisons: A call for reform.By: Dr. Muhamad Mugraby. 4/12/03
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redbul.gif (925 bytes)Dr Mughraby's press conference opening statement (E) 9.9.03
redbul.gif (925 bytes)A message from Dr. Muhamad Mughraby (E) 7.9.03
redbul.gif (925 bytes)Dr.  Mughraby writes from his jail (A) 20.8.03

redbul.gif (925 bytes)Report on Dr. Mugraby's detention (A) 20.8.03
redbul.gif (925 bytes)Dr. Muhamad Mughraby writes from his jail (E) 18.8.03
redbul.gif (925 bytes)Practicing law cost Beirut's Muhammad Mugraby his freedom. BY CLAUDIA ROSETT WALL STREET JOURNAL 13/8/03
redbul.gif (925 bytes)Support Dr. M. Mugraby in his fight for freedom (English) 12.3.02
redbul.gif (925 bytes)Release from MIRSAD on detainees (Arabic) 9/12/00

redbul.gif (925 bytes)Release from MIRSAD (Arabic)  addressing detainee release 8/12/00
redbul.gif (925 bytes)A message from MIRSAD (English) 21/7/2000

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