Dear Lebanese Patriot
We ask you all  to let Mr. Darryll Issa know how you understand his endeavors to support the Stalinist Syrian regime that has been oppressing the Lebanese people for the last 30 years. Let him know what he should do as a Lebanese descent to support his home land Lebanon, the occupied country. Let him also know how you perceive his odd opposition to the Lebanese Sovereignty restoration Act. We ask you to remind Mr. Issa of  your expectations from him in his capacity as a USA legislature of Lebanese descent.
Read Mr. Issa's below invitation and let him know your stance. The question remains: what is the actual agenda of Mr. Issa and why he is not joining the USA campaign against the Syrian Stalinist Baathist regime.
We ask you to call Mr. Issa's office and to send him emails stating clearly your opinion in regards to his pro-Syrian actions.

LCCC Media Chairman
Elias Bejjani

Mr. Issa's website:

Washington DC Office:
211 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
phone: 202.225.3906
fax: 202.225.3303

San Diego County Office:
1800 Thibodo Road, #310
Vista, CA 92083
phone: 760.599.5000
fax: 760.599.1178

Temecula Office:
phone: 909.693.2447

Call also David Dumke (202-255- 2882) or Maya Berry (202-210-8679). and let them know your opinion
Mr. Issa's invitation
Luncheon Briefing: U.S.-Syria Relations
Dear Colleague:
I would like to draw your attention to an important lunch briefing, "U.S.-Syrian Relations: Understanding Political and Economic Challenges," which will be held on Tuesday, May 13, between 12:00-2:00 p.m. in B-338 of the Rayburn Building. I would like to encourage you or the legislative assistant responsible for foreign relations to attend. The event will be sponsored by the National US-Arab Chamber of Commerce.In wake of the U.S. attack on Iraq and the recent unveiling of the "Roadmap to Peace" between Israel and the Palestinians, it is important that the United States and Congress are well informed about our bilateral relationship with Syria. Recent events in the Middle East have raised new tensions, challenges, and opportunities across the region, including in Syria. Questions remain unanswered as to how Washington. should deal with Damascus. I invite you to engage in this discussion.
Confirmed speakers include:
The Honorable Nick J. Rahall II
The Honorable Wyche Fowler, Jr.Chairman, Middle East Institute Served as Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, 1996-2001. Previously served in the U.S. Senate, 1986-1993; member of the Senate Appropriations, Budget, Energy and Agriculture Committees.
Hisham Melhem Washington Bureau Chief for the Lebanese Daily As-Safir
William A. Reinsch Co-Chairman of USA*Engage and President of the National Foreign Trade CouncilServed as the Under Secretary for Export Administration in the U.S. Department of Commerce.
If you wish to attend, please call David Dumke (202-255- 2882) or Maya Berry (202-210-8679).
Darrell Issa