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Ontario Liberals in Secret Deal with Tories Conspire to By-Pass The People to Legalize Bill 171's "Homosexual Marriage"
Call MPPs Today Urging Vote Against Ontario's "Homosexual Marriage" Bill 171 And Demand Recorded Vote

TORONTO The Ontario Legislature plans to force a secret and unrecorded vote tomorrow (February 24th) on its barely introduced Bill 171, to change the definition of marriage to include "homosexual partners." The initiative from the McGuinty Government follows closely on the Federal Bill C-38 introduced by the Liberal Martin Government to legalize "homosexual marriage."
By means of Bill 171, Premier Dalton McGuinty proposes to change 73 provincial laws, and it appears that Bill 171 will go to a direct vote without debate or scrutiny by the representatives of the people of Ontario. Who knows which these laws are, what the changes are that this sinister government is willing to ramrod through. It goes without saying that this procedure would only be possible with the full co-operation of the Provincial Conservative Leader Mr. John Tory, and the NDP.
The script at Queens Park also appears to call for passage of Bill 171 by strictly a voice vote, which is a vote that is not recorded in the public record to document the way each Member of Provincial Parliament voted to ensure accountability to the voters of Ontario.
Insiders confirm that the opposition Progressive Conservatives have made a secret deal with the Liberal Government to see Bill 171 passed without delay.
The Liberals already misled the Ontario electorate about many of the promises made during the last provincial election, and now again are about to betray the trust placed in them by the people of Ontario.
Please contact your member of Provincial Parliament, and tell them that you are outraged by this total abdication and betrayal of the parliamentary legislative process, and the proposed secret unrecorded vote on the redefinition of marriage. CLC President Jim Hughes commented on a pro-life website: "This is an affront to democracy and every MPP should be told that.
CCIC urges every Ontario resident to contact their MPP today and express their strong objection to this undemocratic pandering to a tiny special interest to change the foundations and pillars of society.
Please circulate this e-mail to every concerned resident of Ontario on your e-mail list and ask them to do the same
CCIC requests your urgent financial support to help fund the promotion and defence of Judaeo-Christian values such as the definition of traditional marriage.
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