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January 23/2005

Paul Martin Voting Record Shows No Support For Protecting Children and Restricting Child Pornography
Editors Note: During this election campaign politicians have made many statements about the policies they would advance if elected. CCIC believes that the voting record of a politician may be of great significance in understanding the level of commitment that individual has to those values and principles the Christian Community deems important. The following is distributed with that intention, and although we have confidence in its accuracy, the content is strictly the responsibility of the source.
OTTAWA Today, Martin says he is against child pornography. But his voting record proves otherwise:
Paul Martin voted against a motion prohibiting creation or use of child pornography (House of Commons, April 23, 2002)
Paul Martin voted against a motion calling for legislation to protect children from sexual predators (House of Commons, April 23, 2002)
Paul Martin voted against making the current age of sexual consent higher than 14 (House of Commons, April 23, 2002)
Paul Martin voted against establishing a national sex offender registry (House of Commons, Feb. 5, 2002)
Source: Conservative Press Office: (613) 364-6040
MAUGERVILLE, New Brunswick (Reuters) - Canada's Conservative leader Stephen Harper, buoyed by polls showing further declines for Prime Minister Paul Martin's Liberals, pressed his attack on Saturday on Martin's voting record on child pornography.
With little more than a week to go before the June 28 election, the race remained tight in popular votes but pollsters projected the Conservatives would take more seats because of the way the votes are distributed.
Speaking at a pancake breakfast in the Atlantic province of New Brunswick, Harper repeated his criticism of Martin's record on tightening child porn laws.
"Paul Martin's record on child pornography is shameful and just another reason why his government must be defeated on June 28," Harper declared.
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