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Editorial Comment: The propensity of political leaders on the right side of the spectrum to want to be perceived as accommodating and understanding of the demands for equality by the homosexual community concerning the marriage issue is a very significant strategic blunder.
It is impossible to safeguard the institution of marriage and preserve its meaning and definition as pertaining to the union of one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others, while simultaneously acceding to the creation of a new legal concept of marriage for homosexuals, which as the following article confirms possesses all the legal incidents of the institution of marriage itself.
Marriage for homosexuals by another name will in due course inevitably become fully blended into the public's understanding of the social conventions concerning marriage for opposite sex couples.
Alarmingly Conservative Leader Stephen Harper has already publicly stated that he believes that "homosexual couples" should have civil unions with the same rights as married people.
Those same rights we would like to remind him include: adoption rights, Forster parenting rights, the right to model social sexual behaviour in terms of public _expression of affection to same sex partners in their family setting, the right to have multiple numbers of young boys for sleep-overs in a homosexual family unit.
The right of same sex parent guidance in education, and school visitation respecting children in the custody of two "homosexual parents" and thus the right to model their homosexual relationship to the wider community of the population of students at every public school.
Such flagrant promotion of homosexual equality will by force of necessity of court imposed legal equality result in the full emancipation of homosexuality in public sex education, which we all know is the ultimate goal of the homosexual activists. None of this would be a problem if homosexuality were not a deviant and pathological form of sexual behaviour associated with deadly diseases such as HIV/AIDS. God's prohibition of homsexual behaviour is for eminently valid reasons, and for human beings to ignore such is to commit a deadly sin, which has self evident consequences.
The Christian Coalition International Canada calls on Stephen Harper to consider the long term damage his foolish statements, his position and support for civil unions will have on Canadian society. It is high time that a national debate on the implication of this alien idea of "same sex marriage" be held right across the nation, and CCIC therefore calls on all Members of Parliament, and religious leaders to call on the Prime Minister to support a National Referendum on same sex marriage.
Failure by our national leaders to grant such a National Referendum on such paramount important issues as the definition of the foundational social unit of society, will indicate to the Canadian people that such leaders are guided by narrow-minded ideologies, who do not represent the broad interests of the Canadian public and need to be replaced at the next Federal or Provincial election.