From: Dr. Rachid Rahme
Subject: United Nations Day
Dear Friends
The United Nations Day is on Friday the 22nd of October.
In view of the recent developments concerning the resolution 1559, Kofi Anan's report and the presidential address, it is extremely important to utilise this occasion to:
1- Show our total and unequivocal support to the UN in its initiative to safeguard the Independence, Sovereignty and Territorial Integrity.
2- Show our recognition and ask for the full execution of all the provisions of 1559.
3- Ensure that the UN and the permanent five members would be made aware that the Lebanese people within Lebanon and in the Diaspora are fully supporting the UN initiative and see in it their liberation from occupation. It is extremely important to show that the Syrian and Lebanese Regimes' lobbying cantering around the fact that the Lebanese are happy with the Syrian presence in Lebanon and consider it "brotherly" is a collaboration farce and represents those who were appointed by the occupation... We need to show the truth and reflect the real feelings of our occupied people in Lebanon.
4- Reiterate the plight of our leader Dr. Samir Geagea as the symbol of the total absence of National reconciliation, Human Rights and lack of freedom in Lebanon, asking the UN to be seized by this very important affair as well as with the situations of all our political detainees in Lebanon ( Gerges El khoury) and in Syria...
5- Reiterate the need to have General Michel Aoun & all political exiled back into Lebanon to partake in the redressing of the political life in Lebanon.
Dear Friends
Now that the time is ripe, we need to keep our momentum up. For this I ask you to:
1- Send delegations (of all the opposition preferably) to the UN and permanent five representations in your respective countries and submit them a memo including the ideas mentioned above... you can also offer them a small bouquet on behalf of our Lebanese people suffering under the Syrian occupation.
2- Publicise your activities in your local medias and in the Lebanese media
3- Keep me up to date with all your progress.
Thank you very much for your much needed effort and I pray the almighty to bless all of our efforts.
Dr. Rachid Rahme