Press Release

We fully support our Canadian Government's decision in regards to listing Hizbollah Party on the terrorists list. We stress the fact that this group is operationally under the full control of Syria and a tool used for its hegemony schemes in Lebanon. it is important for the whole world to know that terrorism in Lebanon is fully sponsored by the Syrians and their Lebanese puppet government.

We strongly commend Mr.Chretien, and his cabinet for the courage they have showed in resolving this intricate issue. We have always counted on the support of the Canadian government to defend the most fundamental basis of human rights in the Middle East in General and in Lebanon in particular. A region hostile to many ethnic and religious groups. Banning Hezbollah in Canada is simply an application of the very core values of Canadian international relations and principles. We are confident that Canadian people will reap the benefits of the long term investment in defending freedom and human rights in Lebanon and the entire Middle East.

We remind our Canadian government of the following facts in regards to occupied Lebanon
1- For over a decade, Syria's military occupation of Lebanon has had a total dominance over the political, social, and economic will of the Lebanese people. The Syrians and their Lebanese puppet governments have used since 1990 every cruel tool known to mankind to silence the opposition that calls for a free and democratic Lebanon and the end of Syria's occupation. As a result, many Lebanese have been assassinated, hundreds imprisoned and tortured, thousands have fled and others exiled.

2-There is a true adage in the Middle East that there is no war without Egypt and no peace without Syria. Syria has sabotaged every effort in the region hinting at peace. Along with Iran, Syria maintains, funds, supports, trains and arms many terrorist groups operatives in South Lebanon and the Bekaa Valley. These radical groups maintain a belligerent, aggressive and combative front with the United States, Canada and every other country that believes in western values of democracy, tolerance, respect and freedom.

3-Hundreds of Lebanese citizens remain detained arbitrarily in Syria's notorious jails since many years without any kind of trial, or even knowledge of thereabouts. Among them are clergymen, army officers, soldiers and politicians. Syria continues to refuse addressing this human rights dilemma while the Beirut regime is in a shameful state of denial

4- The current Lebanese regime does not represent the aspirations, hopes or wishes of   Lebanese people by any means. It represents the interests and schemes of the Syrians who installed it by military force after their barbaric invasion to the country in 1990. Lebanon remains in a precarious situation as a result of the Syrian occupation, and the muffling and prosecution of opposition groups in Lebanon and overseas. Unfortunately, until the United Nations resolution 520 calling for all foreign occupying troops to completely withdraw from Lebanon are implemented and until the West understands the suffering and oppression of the Lebanese people at the hands of the Syrian regime and its puppet Lebanese government, the Lebanese in Lebanon and in the Diaspora have no chance of obtaining equality, justice, freedom, peace and democracy.

5- We believe that prohibiting Hezbollah from operating in Canada is a milestone in addressing Syria's occupation of Lebanon. We urge our Canadian government to maintain its pressure on the Syrian government and its peons in Lebanon to put an end to their occupation, and implement UN Resolution 520 without any delay. After all, there should be no place for fundamental, belligerent and terrorist groups in a country that has based its very existence on democratic values, tolerance, freedom of speech and expression, and the respect of human rights.
For the community
Elias Kesab / For Kataeb and Lebanese Friends
Gilbert Soudir/ For COLCO (Council Of The Lebanese Canadian Organizations)