Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2000 21:47:51 +0200 (CEST)
From: jose lopez <>  | Block address
Subject: Democracy, Freedom and State Terrorism
Barcelona 16 of July, 2000.

For the attention of the President of the Lebanese
Parliament Mr. Nebih Berri.

Subject: Democracy, Freedom and State Terrorism.

Mr. President,

Attaced to this letter, you will receive a letter addressed to President Emile Lahoud, faxed to him
directly, and via the diplomatic bag through the Lebanese Embassy in Madrid. You will also receive a
letter addressed to your goodself and to all members of the Parliament, that I was able to get their
e-mails. So please distribute it to every member of the Parliament, whether they are Supporters or in
the Opposition to the Regime, as well as, to the constitutional and supreme courts and, of course to
the Government and the Media. I shall also send a copy to the international media and international
organizations that Care for, Protect and Defend Human Rights.

Mr. President, I knew that President Lahoud will be elected to the post of Lebanese President, in early
September 1998, months before his election date, even though, by that time, he was "Constitutionally
Unelectable" and thus, cannot be a presidential candidate.

Mr. President, the greater number of the Lebanese Members of the Parliament are, either coerced,
manipulated or flagrantly blackmailed, to reveal secrets about their collegues, even from their own
parliamtary groups or political parties, in order to save themselves from the blackmail or threat of going
to jail, or motivated by false promises of future and brilliant political career and power.

Almost all of the lebanese Members of Parliament, are not traitors by nature. But, extortion and terror
excersized skillfully and professionally by members of mainly, unofficial and illegal "secret service", who
owes their loyalty directly to Mr. Emile Lahoud, and not to any Lebanese institution, has forced them to
act in self defense.

Mr. President, for the sake of Lebanon and its people, for the sake of Democracy and Freedom, for the
 sake of Human Rights and Dignity, all Members of Parliament and former political leaders and ministers 
of all ideologies and confessions, should get together, put aside their embarrassment and, collectively pardon
each other,and most importantly, they should be urged to unite and give absolute prioity to save the clearly
improvable democracy in Lebanon, to save and protect Freedom of speech and urgently take necessary    
 measures to assure free and clean parliamentary elections, and thus, put an end to the ambitions of 
creating an authoritarian state and camouflaged dictatorship.

If the Lebanese political leaders and institutions, do not unite and put aside their near term political
interests, they certainly will find themselves, their political careers and the Lebanese Democracy,
Liberties, as well as, Human Rights violently kidnapped and dominated by the "secret service" and
the "military".

Mr. President, contrary to the belief of almost everybody, President Lahoud, is using infiltrated
members of the Syrian secret service and military officials, to frequently do the dirty jobs, in order
to achieve accomplishment of his political project and perpetuate in power.

Mr. President, if I would have accepted slavery politics and to sell my soul, I certainly would have
had a brilliant political career in Lebanon. 

Mr. President, be assured that, I will suffer a fierce campaign of discredit and be ridiculed, directly by
President Lahoud and his followers from different segments of the Lebanese society, even by members of
my own family, pressured and blackmailed by fear, terror and threatened by hunger, kidnapping or
apparent suicides.

For further details, Mr. President, you can reach me at the following telephone numbers:
00 34 93 674 69 97
00 34 646 48 53 99

Or to the following address:
Ricardo Charamand
Paseo Canovas del Castillo, 2, 2? 1?
08190- Sant Cugat del Valles.
Barcelona (Spain)
God bless Lebanon and its people.
Respectfully Yours
Ricardo Charamand.