A Letter from the CLHRF to USA Senator Gilman
March 26/2000

Dear Senator Gilman:
On behalf of the Canadian Lebanese Community I thank you and thank your other eleven Senators for the courageous letter you have sent to president Clinton in regards to Lebanon's Syrian occupation and the UN resolutions on March 24/3/2000.
We need your support to make the peace process in the Middle East comprehensive and fair. We need your strong support to avoid slaughtering Lebanon and its people on the peace alter, especially its Southern residents We call on you and on your colleagues in the USA Congress to protect the  rights of the Lebanese peaceful people in a free, democratic and independent country without any Syrian hegemony.
Dear Senator, we need more politicians like you who are ready to witness for the truth and support oppressed the people. Lebanon, the great nation with 6000 years of history and civilization is occupied by Syria and its people are treated like second class citizens in their own  country and deprived of their basic human rights. Hundreds of innocent Lebanese citizens are detained arbitrarily in the Nazi-like Syrian jails  without any trial or known charges.
Dear Senator, The people of Lebanon will know no peace before the Syrian army withdraws from their country. We are sure that you as well as the majority of the USA Congressmen are fully aware that the regime in Lebanon is a Syrian puppet and does not represent our people in any way. In this context the installed officials of this subservient regime do not represent the peoples' aspirations, hopes or wishes. The Lebanese legitimate representatives are either in exile, murdered or in jail.
We are hopeful that you will support our people in their struggle for freedom.
God bless you,
Yours truly
Elias Bejjani
Secretary for the CLHRF