Open letter to United States Congress regarding the Accountability bill
From:: Cedars Committee for Free Lebanon

Open letter to United States Congress regarding the Accountability bill
United States House of Representatives
Washington D.C. 20515
202) 224-3121

Honorable members
On behalf of all the Lebanese patriots, please allow me to commend all of you for taking a firm stand against the tyrant regime of Syria, and its cunning tactics. Syria through cunning and deception is trying to sway the US Congress against the Accountability bill sponsored by Congressman Dick Armey of Texas, and Barbara Boxer of California. The American Lebanese are standing firmly behind the United States of America against its war on terrorism, and ready to assist the US Congress in anything they need in regard to HR4463  bill.
Syria a nation who has been aiding and sponsoring terrorism for the last 30 years must be held accountable for its atrocities against humanity, Syria's record on terrorism speaks for itself no need to hide anything, the world have been made aware of how Syria have been conducting its affairs under the Assad's regime, and the Baath party. As Americans of Lebanese origin, we urge all members of Congress to reject any appeals, or any calls received by the (CAIR) organization whose aim is to dilute the truth about Syria, and its support for terrorism.  The CAIR agenda is aimed at converting the United States into an Islamic state ruled by the Quran as the law of the state, this was a quote by the president of CAIR a while ago in a rally speech in San Francisco Ca.  The Council of American Islamic Relations always calls for a Jihad war as their Logo against, what they perceive as the evil empire the United States of America.

The truth about Syria.
In 1973 the Fatah Black September organization kills 29 passengers on one of Pan-Am planes  in Rome inside the Pan-Am terminal. June 1985 a group of Islamic militants from the Amal movement in Lebanon loyal to Nabih Berri a Syrian Loyalist Hijacked a TWA flight from Greece, and forced it to land at Beirut Airport. US navy diver Mr. Robert Stetham was murdered on board for simply being an American Jewish.In another incident at a later date 45 passengers were released in Damascus, illustrating Syria's close ties to the terrorists from the Amal Movement the sister of Hizbollah patronized by Syria.  Once again the Rome airport was the site of another terrorist attack carried by Abu-Nidal group killing 14 people 5 of them were Americans.The United States Marine Barracks in Beirut where 243 US service man lost their lives, the suicide bombing was sponsored by Syria, and executed by Hizbollah under the cover of the Syrian forces in Lebanon. In December of 1988 Pan-Am flight 103 over LOCKERBIE exploded killing all 270 passengers on board, 175 of them were Americans, although Libya was blamed for the attack evidence show, that the PFLP-GC and Syria were directly involved in
this heinous attack against innocent civilians.

Mass, Gravesite.
According to Mr. Nezar Nayouf a Syrian Human rights activist claimed at a press conference in Paris a while ago; the existence of a mass gravesite around the vicinity of Tadmour Prison in Syria, were more than 17,000 bodies have been Buried, and were more than 1,500 of them are Lebanese who died under torture, of course the Syrian regime keeps Denying the existence of such a site, although Mr Nayouf himself claimed he has seen the pile of bodies around the prison area.

Suicide attacks against Israel.
According to sources close to Chairman Arafat who claimed and I quote, Syria and Iran are behind all attacks against Israeli Civilians, he was asked not to reveal such information by a prominent Arabic country, fearing it will undermine the Arabic cause. The state behind the blocking of the information most probably is Egypt.
Honorable members, we the freedom lovers of the world are standing together today against world terror, we hope that.  The United States Congress take a firm stands against the Syrian regime and holds it responsible for its terror against innocent Civilians, our wish is to make the world aware of the Nazi style operation the Syrian regime practices every day against Freedom and democracy, it is our wish for the United States Congress to indorse the Accountability bill HR4463, and send a strong message to the tyrant regime of Syria, and hold it accountable for its crimes against humanity. A new Nazi regime have been emerging for a long time, the difference is the country. Look out for the Syrians they cannot be trusted, they will say one thing and do another, as the Nazis did before them.May God bless America the land of the free forever?

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