Farewell Mother…!
By: liberty independance <al_hurr@hotmail.com>

Farewells are echoing through whole of Lebanon, from the deepest valley to the highest apex. " Farewell Mother" uttering from the descendants of Lebanon from the one and only hope of a prosperous nation, of a thriving Lebanon.

Farewell Mother to the land of the unknown, to the land of no name, no past, no pride. To the shadow of fear, fear of identity. Mother we are notably sorry but what of an alternative we’re left with.

The Tyrants have sucked away our tears. The only thing that used to comfort our fear, cause we had this same passion attaching us to you, to your outraged heart. They have carried it away from us and history has covered the fingerprints of realism, "of evil".

Farewell Mother, we deserve not to be part of you, cause we fear from the fear that utters away the words of love and passion, the words of a broken heart Mother.

The Mother that had not knelt to any gigantic Tyrants in the past, until now for the sake of her descendants for the sake of love, for the sake of hope which she had never lost.

When will we realize that our mother is immortal, yet we doubt that fact by throwing ourselves into the trammel of fear, struggling to liberate our souls, while we have already been freed by her mightiness, by her love.

Descendants of Lebanon love her the same way that she does, and you shall live in peace and harmony, in fact you would have learnt how to love yourselves, love whom you are, what you are? "Lebanese"- a word that describes and define pride.

Descendants of Lebanon fear not the Tyrants, though fear yourselves, cause only your unity and pride able you to brake all the barriers, and endure your victory upon all victories.

Depend on yourselves and your one God, and farewell word would translate the glorious songs of victory, picturing the Tyrants defeat, from a heart of a pure mother and united descendants of a great one nation, that existed by God himself, and perish not except by his almighty power.

Long Live A Free Lebanon .