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April 14/2000

To: Mr.Jean Chretien
Prime Minister of Canada

Dear Mr. Chretien
On behalf of twelve major Canadian-Lebanese groups and organizations, we would like to convey our communities' disappointment, anger and disbelief in relation to the biased statement you made on Friday April 14/2000 during  your visit to Lebanon. You stated: "the presence of the Syrian troops in Lebanon is legitimate, they are not an occupying force and will leave once they are not needed any more".

Mr. Prime Minister: we are really shocked and can't believe that you have taken such a stance that contradicts the historic well known Canadian position in regards to occupied countries and to the support of UN resolutions.

Despite of your present statement, we are sure that your excellency is fully aware of the Syrian barbaric occupation to Lebanon since 1990, and also well informed that the whole current  Lebanese regime including the president, House Speaker, Prime Minister and MP's are appointed by Syria and not elected by the Lebanese people.

The Syrian troops are in Lebanon against the will of the majority of the Lebanese people and two ex- Lebanese presidents have asked them to leave officially through the Arab League and United Nations, but Syria declined to do so and maintained its Stalinist grip on the country and its government.

We strongly condemn your statement that gives legitimacy to the Syrian occupier and helps the Syrian dictatorship regime to escalate its atrocities inflicted on the helpless Lebanese citizens. We request that you reconsider your stance  and be fair in your judgment.

We ask you to take in consideration the fact that the current government of occupied Lebanon is fully under the control of the Syrian regime and accordingly does not represent the hopes, wishes or aspirations of the Lebanese people who believe in their distinguished identity, heritage, deeply rooted history and strive peacefully to put in office a government that respects democracy and honors Human Rights.

We call of your Excellency to support the people of Lebanon in their peaceful quest to reclaim their confiscated independence, marginalized decision making process and muffled freedoms.

We call on you to support the implementation of the UN resolutions 425,426 and 520 that call for the full respect of Lebanon's independence, national integrity, sovereignty and for the withdrawal of all foreign troops.

Mr. Chretien, Lebanon is an occupied country and Syria is definitely an occupier while the regime installed by Syria in Lebanon represents the Syrians and not the Lebanese.

We kindly ask you again to review your statement and to take the necessary action in a bid to correct it because the Lebanese people are peace lovers and deserve to live in a Lebanon that is  free, independent, sovereign and without the presence of any foreign troops.

Lebanon through centuries was an oasis for freedom and a safe asylum for the persecuted in the whole Middle East. At the same time the Lebanese people have been successful through the past 6000 years of their deeply rooted history to maintain their patriotism and protect their beloved country from invaders and occupiers, and will continue to do so by the support and help of free democratic countries like Canada.

Long Live Canada
Long Live Freedom

Yours truly
Elias Bejjani
Media Chairman