(Letter sent to Mr. Abbot  ( Potential future PM for Australia)
From: Liberty Independence - A Lebanese -Australian Student
Dear Mr. Abbot

Mr. Abbot I am quite sure that you are fully aware of the disrupted situation in Lebanon, which brings me to go straight to the point, the fact that we as Lebanese students are confronting on daily basis. Leaving you with a brief story that indicates the truth the whole truth regarding the Lebanese students, whom are breathing under the reign of an unmerciful Tyrant.

Mr. Abbot I ask you to visualize as if this situation was occurring in Australia "in God’s will that will never happen". Where you have a daughter & a son whom are aiming for higher education, for them to become successful-for them to prosper once a great nation- today a nation suppressed and redeemed by external powers.

On their way to the university, they have to pass through foreign checkpoints and military headquarters. That is located straight next to each Lebanese University and even Secondary Schools. With their weapons and surly facial expression pointing at them echoing for the fear to erupt from their souls, by bowing to the Tyrant in humiliation and terror, for may they allow them to pass. Trying to forget the harsh seen by flipping through the empty pages of "KNOWLEDGE", that guarantee no future, no prosperity, no success- driving them to emigrate, leaving behind the old and helpless along with a paralyzed nation. For the Tyrant to rule in peace and joy, joy of slaying, spreading terror, provoking trouble, starving a whole nation. For he will be entertained, by satisfying his sick mind and dark heart.

Mr. Abbot on their way to University, several students have encountered rape, rubbery- crucial crimes of all kinds, by the troops and secret agents of the almighty Tyrant.

Yet no one defied to oppose such acts, cause justice in Lebanon is only implemented against the weak and helpless, against the innocent, against the truth.

Mr. Abbot we have over 1.2 million foreign labors working in Lebanon (tax-free), taking away job opportunities from the Lebanese workforce, allowing us to beg for charity.

And if for a sudden us the students let out from our fear, and raised out our voices, the voice that calls for freedom, justice, and independence. The Tyrant would not tolerate such act, were he deems our move, by arresting, torturing, interrogating, humiliating us, seeking to burn down the flame of hope and dream- (dream of a free independent prosperous nation), into ashes.

Mr. Abbot we as students believe that with the support of all the friendly nations that do not tolerate such barbarian acts would be able to bring the hope and dreams of the Lebanese people into realism. And we do have the utmost trust in the Australian Government willingness and absolute support to our cause.

Mr. Abbot the sons and daughters of Lebanon are not to be swayed by the Tyrant the way he desires, for they are free and free will always be.

Sincerely; Students of Lebanon
Long Live Free Lebanon, & Long Live Australia.