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June 5, 1997

To: Prime Minister of Canada

Dear Mr. Jean Chretien

On behalf of the Canadian- Lebanese Rights Federation Board of Directors I would like to extend our communitys genuine and heartfelt congratulations for your marvelous sweeping election victory.

Our Canadian-Lebanese Community has always admired your patriotism, sincerity, honesty and love for Canada and hailed your support for multi-culturalism, democracy and freedom of choice.

We are sure that the new government under your leadership will continue to support the efforts of the Lebanese people in their peaceful and civilized struggle for freedom, democracy and withdrawal of all foreign forces, Syrians, Israelis and others from their occupied country, also for their legitimate rights for free choices and self-determination.

Mr. Prime Minister, the basic human rights of the Lebanese people are brutally breached and infringed upon under the ruling of the current Syrian-dominated Lebanese government, which in fact does nor represent the aspirations and wishes of the majority of the Lebanese people. These human rights violations are fully documented by well-known international human rights organizations. The latest report on Lebanon issued a few days ago by the Human Rights Watch Organization delineates clearly some of the hardship that the oppressed Lebanese people are exposed to under the current imposed regime.

We are hopeful that our beloved Canada under your leadership will continue to support the international efforts of the United Nations aiming to implement the Security Council Resolutions # 425, 426 and 520, and will help Lebanon to regain its full independence and sovereignty.

Long Live Canada

For the Federation Board of Directors
Tony Mouanis