A Message from the Lebanese Information Centre
USA - August 7/06
We would like to send this appeal to all Lebanese regardless of their sectarian or political affiliations.
You are bearing the brunt of this calamity . Anyone who have seen Lebanon before July 12th would have thought that war and destruction were gone forever. You went about your daily lives, in your recently freed country, believing that whatever remaining issues would be solved on the table of dialogue. You were wrong. A Lebanese party, Hezbollah, has chosen to follow and execute a different agenda. While you were building your homes, planning for your future, they were building bunkers and planning for war. While they were affirming to their counterparts that their weapons are only to “Deter” and that they will not initiate any fights, their men were preparing for a major breach of the international laws on the Israeli borders, providing a pretext for Israel to retaliate.
One would wonder why did they do that. They obviously had no internal motives to explode the situation. By threatening to "cut the arms and necks of those who dared to touch the weapons of the resistance" they intimidated political leaders and warranted the acceptance of their presence pending further political negotiations. Only the regional allegiances of Hezbollah caused to deflagrate the situation with Israel. Iran was searching for a diversion from the climaxing pressure over its nuclear programs and Syria wanted to cause the destruction of Lebanon and to explore the ensuing disorder to reenter and influence the Lebanese scene again.

In every country there is a silent majority. They are citizens who go about their daily lives without direct involvement in any political activities. This appeal is especially for you, this silent majority . Your silence was interpreted by Hezbollah as an approval of its false claims of “Resistance” and “Liberation”. For sectarian and economic reasons , Hezbollah has undeniably some hardcore supporters. You should not allow yourselves to be bunched up with those. Supporting the adventures of Hezbollah for the sake of Iran and Syria has proven to be deadly. Hezbollah drafted you to become martyrs of its “ Islamic revolution”. If you do not speak up now your blood will be spilled for the wrong cause. The future of Lebanon depends on you solely. Like you made your voice heard during the “cedar revolution” you should do it now. Then, you were outraged by the loss of a great political leader, now , all of Lebanon could be lost.
Hezbollah is presenting itself as an achiever of a miracle. It wants us to admire and applaud its feats. Granted it has some devoted and ideologically motivated fighters but what good are they doing for Lebanon. Do you believe, as Hezbollah does, that the destruction of your homes and neighborhoods is a necessary price to pay to cure the inferiority complex of the UMMA?. Did you need to be displaced, watch friends and family killed and all your dreams and aspirations destroyed so Hezbollah can prove to the world that it could Lob rockets on Israel or it could kill a few soldiers? Do you accept the winning theory of Hezbollah? If this is “Victory” how does defeat look like?

You, this silent majority, should raise your voices against being deprived from your rights and safety for an ideological fanaticism foreign to you and your culture. You have to act now to dismantle the moral pedestal over which Hezbollah claims to stand. You have to unravel the cloak of patriotism under which Hezbollah pretends to operate. No single party should be allowed to decide the fate of Lebanon. The catastrophe will be a lot more devastating if you remain morally confused or unaware of who is your true enemy. While the fighters of Hezbollah are bunkered and prepared you are there left helpless under the rain of fire.
Our hearts and minds are with you. May God save Lebanon.