Ramzi Irani, Lebanon's Martyr
By: Nabil Dalle

On behalf of all patriotic Lebanese living in Toronto - Canada,  we extend our heartily felt condolences for the family of Lebanon's  martyr Ramzi Irani. It was 27 years ago that the fist Kataeb martyr Joseph Bou Assi was assassinated on the hands of a known enemy, and now 22 years later, another Lebanese patriot had given his life to the cause of the Christians and non Christian Lebanese people in Lebanon and abroad.

The Question remains why was Ramzi, Sheik Bashir and many other Lebanese were assassinated, why Dr. Toufic Hindi is in jail, why Dr. Samir Geagea is serving life imprisonment, why General Aoun  is not allowed to return from exile?
The answer to all these questions is;   All these men have paid the price for a dream they shared, a dream of a sovereign , independent, free, and democratic Lebanon.

Ramzi Irani was a peaceful soldier fighting for the liberation of his holy Lebanon. His weapons were not tanks or cannons, but a deeply rooted faith integrated with courage and devotion.
Ramzi was an active member in the Lebanese forces, a father, a son, a husband and a true patriot who believed in a peaceful resistance against Syrian occupation. Most importantly Ramzi was a symbol and a role model for patriotism and freedom.

Evil powers and occupiers can always kill patriots' bodies,  but  never will be able to kill faith. Ramzi symbolizes freedom, democracy and sovereignty that our people are struggling to regain.  Ramzi represent all those student who were beaten , arrested and kidnapped for preaching and advocating patriotism and truth.

Ramzi is a martyrs, a symbol and role model.
Ramzi is a fighter who offered himself on Lebanon's altar.
Ramzi is patriotic Lebanese who died for the dignity of his people both in occupied Lebanon and Diaspora.
Ramzi fought on behalf of all the Lebanese who for the last 12 years have lost faith in their cause and became idle and afraid to witness for the truth, while Lebanon has been occupied and its people prosecuted.

Ramzi, you are my role model in patriotism, as well as our leaders General Aoun, Dr, Geagea and many others. I did not meet you or them, but I can feel your faith and devotion. You give me the endurance and courage to witness for Lebanon.

Ramzi  had a vision, he was not a Zionist agent, nor a Hamas or Fatah militant. He carried no guns and harmed no one. He struggled for a free Lebanon in a non violent civilized concept. He was a Lebanese citizen from the mountainous town of Araya.  He had the right to resist the evil occupation and lead Lebanon's students to the truth.

No power is entitled to tell a patriotic Lebanese not to preach truth and democracy in his own country, while occupation forces and their local puppets infringe on the rights of his own people. Ramzi believed as the majority of the Lebanese do; Lebanon is for the Lebanese only. Ramzi practiced what he preached and pursued his struggle with no fear.

It's funny in occupied Lebanon how patriotic students are oppressed by force when they demonstrate peacefully calling for the implementation of the UN Resolution 520. Meanwhile security forces were helpless in preventing three vicious assassinations during the last three months. The judiciary in occupied Lebanon is currently politicized and knows no justice.

Since 1990 the Lebanese Syrian-installed regime has been waging an ongoing war against patriotic Lebanese who call for the withdrawal of all foreign troops from Lebanon, and in particular the Syrian occupation Army. At the same this regime has been turning a blind eye on all anti Lebanese and terrorism activities sponsored by the Syrian occupier.

Meanwhile Dr. Geagea has been imprisoned, the LF party banned, General Michel Aoun forced into exile, Botrous Kawand and thousands of Lebanese citizens remain arbitrarily detained in Syria's notorious jails without any kind of trial, students beaten and harassed, basic human rights of the Lebanese infringed on, more than 1.5 million citizens forced to leave the country since 1990, and economy destroyed. Lebanon under the Syrian occupation has been turned into a state of persecution, poverty, crime and corruption.

My dear fellow Lebanese, despite all the pain, sacrifices and agony,  Lebanon will be a free country again as long as we have brave men like Ramzi. These men are our hope because they are ready to die for the cause and continue the struggle for liberation.   Lebanon has a long history in resistance for thousands of years and has been always victorious. The struggle against the Syrian occupation is not going by any means to be different.

Joseph Bou Assi was not the first Lebanese martyr and Ramzi Irani will  not be the last.
Ramzi Irani, you are in heaven, God bless your soul 

Long Live Lebanon's martyrs